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10 Simple Solutions for Building Self-Esteem

10 Simple Solutions for Building Self-Esteem
How to End Self-Doubt, Gain Confidence, & Create a Positive Self-Image




The New Harbinger Ten Simple Solutions Series

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ISBN: 9781572244955
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About the Book

Easy Ways to Appreciate Yourself

Learn to appreciate yourself with these ten simple solutions for building self-esteem. These easy-to-grasp tips for fostering a positive sense of self distill and add to many of the best, most effective techniques from the author Glenn Schiraldi's successful Self-Esteem Workbook. They draw on techniques from Eastern and Western traditions; mindfulness practice, thought-watching, strengths appreciation, and more. With the simple solutions in this book and a little practice, you can discover what a wonderful and valuable person you really are.


Glenn R. Schiraldi, PhD, has served on the stress management faculties at The Pentagon; the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation; and the University of Maryland, where he received the Outstanding Teaching Award in addition to other... Read more

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10 Simple Solutions for Building Self-Esteem is a very interesting and rewarding book! Clearly and warmly written, Schiraldi's book is filled with valuable and varied possibilities for enhancing self-esteem and exploring the wonder and mystery of this human life.
—Jeffrey Brantley, MD, founder and director of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program at the Duke University Center for Integrative Medicine, author of Calming Your Anxious Mind , and coauthor of The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook and Five Good Minutes

Schiraldi skillfully blends theory and practice into a how-to manual for developing and strengthening self-esteem. Written in an easy, conversational style, this engaging book provides practical suggestions interspersed with real-life scenes.
—A. Dean Byrd, Ph.D., MBA, MPH, president of Thrasher Research Fund and clinical professor at the University of Utah School of Medicine, and Elaine H. Byrd, Ed. D., professor of education at Utah Valley State College

This is for anyone seeking to manage the stresses of modern life and to feel good on a daily basis. Packed with simple, understandable activities to help reduce stress and make meaning in life, the book will help anyone who wants to improve his or her own self-esteem or that of a close friend or loved one. Marrying the best of Eastern and Western thought in an easy-to-understand format, Schiraldi empowers the reader to create their best life possible.
—Marcia Marinelli, Ph.D., NCC, assistant director of the University of Maryland Counseling Center and affiliate assistant professor in the Department of Counseling & Personnel Services at the university

A concise, skills-based approach to building self-esteem. Schiraldi's distinction between one's core worth and things that help us experience that worth is particularly helpful, as are his thoughts about identifying and replacing distorted thinking. Well done.
—Claudia A. Howard, M Ed., owner of Individual Potential Seminars, both speaks and conducts workshops on self-image, conflict resolution, and relationship patterns

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