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10 Simple Solutions to Chronic Pain

10 Simple Solutions to Chronic Pain
How to Stop Pain from Controlling Your Life




The New Harbinger Ten Simple Solutions Series

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About the Book

Get Chronic Pain Under Control

Have you tried a number of approaches to manage chronic pain without much relief? The discouraging cycle of hope followed by frustration and continued pain can be as damaging to your quality of life as pain itself. To address this problem, the most current approaches to pain management advocate living well despite pain. They encourage pain sufferers to set aside their struggle with pain and learn the skills they need to stay engaged with life. Distilled from the very best of these techniques, 10 Simple Solutions to Chronic Pain offers you ten simple, effective solutions for thriving with chronic pain.

First, you'll get a quick introduction to the physiology of pain. Then it's down to the business of improving your quality of life: You'll learn tips for getting better sleep, ways to build a strong support system, and techniques for overcoming fear, anxiety, and depression. You'll discover better ways to communicate with doctors about your problems and find out which treatment options are likely to do you the most good. With the advice in this book, you can move from a debilitating cycle of pain to a full and rewarding life.


Blake Tearnan (Author)
Blake H. Tearnan, PhD, is director of behavioral medicine for the Functional Restoration Program at Washoe Medical Center Rehabilitation Hospital in Reno, and Clinical Director for the Southern Nevada Functional Restoration Program in Las Vegas,... Read more

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10 Simple Solutions to Chronic Pain is a blueprint for having a fulfilling life while living with pain. Tearnan's ten steps help change pain sufferers into people able to cope with their pain. In easy-to-understand language, with clear explanations and vivid examples, this book provides readers with tools to more effectively manage their pain. The suggestions and strategies in this book are well-reasoned, practical, and easily accomplished by those wanting mastery over pain.
-B. Eliot Cole, MD, MPA, executive director of the American Society of Pain Educators

Victims of chronic pain will find help in this research-based yet easily understood book. Tearnan engages the reader as an active member of the pain-treatment team. This proven program works to effectively reduce pain and suffering.
-C. David Tollison, Ph.D., author and editor of eleven textbooks on the diagnosis and interdisciplinary treatment of pain and recipient of numerous national awards for the research and treatment of pain

Tearnan's book is a well written, practical patient guide to chronic pain management. Reading this informative book will give chronic pain patients greater insight and helpful techniques to more effectively manage their pain.
-Steven Berman, MD, medical director of the Functional Restoration Program Renown Rehabilitation Hospital, Reno, NV

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