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52 Ways to Love Your Body

52 Ways to Love Your Body




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ISBN: 9781626253797
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About the Book

It's time to step away from the scale, ditch the fad diets, and embrace the body you’re in. In this powerful book, Kimber Simpkins, yoga instructor and author of Full, gives you 52 undeniable ways to love your body and discover your own unique beauty!

Do you look in the mirror and see all the things you dislike about your body? For many of us, the first step to loving our bodies is being able to look at our reflection and not criticize what we see. And in a culture that worships thin, beautiful celebrities, it’s easy to feel like we just don’t measure up. So, how can you get over your flaws and focus on your fabulous?

52 Ways to Love Your Body is packed with easy and fun practices—one for each week of the year—to help you toss perfectionism out the window, turn down the volume on that nagging inner critic who is always going on about what's wrong, stop the never-ending comparison game, and finally love your body. You'll also find encouraging, in-the-moment affirmations to keep negative self-talk at bay, and give you a much-needed pick-me-up, any time, any place.

If you're ready to start loving your body, this book gives you 52 ways to get started now. So, what are you waiting for?


Kimber Simpkins (Author)
Kimber Simpkins is a writer, body-image coach, Anusara-influenced yoga instructor, and author of Full. Her successful shift away from secret body hating to public body loving inspires her yoga students and readers everywhere. A former civil rights... Read more

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“Kimber Simpkins is an authentic force for change on this planet, and this book is her torch. She leads the way in a new generation of women committed to removing the veil of shame and secrecy around our relationship to our body, food, and feelings. This book resonated with me on a deep level as a woman and a spiritual practitioner. I highly recommend Kimber’s book for any woman who is ready to let down the burden of food and self-esteem issues. It has the potential to act as a catalytic force toward healing, and ultimately to living a more authentic life.”
Katie Silcox, author of the New York Times bestseller Healthy Happy Sexy

“Kimber Simpkins’s inspiring journey to finding peace with food and her body lays an amazing groundwork for 52 Ways to Love Your Body, and her insights and suggestions within this book are powerful and practical to implement. So many of us know the body image struggle all too well, and I’m so glad Kimber shines a bright light of hope and inspiration in her work!”
—Dina Proctor, author of Madly Chasing Peace

“What a powerful, practical, and heartfelt handbook on how to shift the inner conversation to compassion. Kimber speaks to us in the most supportive guiding voice—that of a trusted friend, which to me is a true love guru.”
—Melanie Salvatore-August, author of Kitchen Yoga

“Think it’s impossible to love your body? Think again! The compassion and wisdom Kimber brings to her fifty-two strategies is sure to convince you to end the war with your body and, instead, treat it the way you would a best friend. This gem of a book is going straight to my waiting room, and I hope all of my clients will read it.”
—Judith Matz, LCSW, coauthor of The Diet Survivor’s Handbook and Beyond a Shadow of a Diet, and author of Amanda’s Big Dream

52 Ways to Love Your Body offers dozens of powerful exercises to help you love the skin you’re in, and live a happier, fuller life as a result. Try even a handful of Kimber’s suggestions and you’ll likely feel a lot better about what you see in the mirror—and about yourself.”
—Lori Deschene, founder of www.tinybuddha.com, and author of Tiny Buddha’s 365 Tiny Love Challenges

52 Ways to Love Your Body outlines the path to sustaining body acceptance. Kimber brings in just the right amounts of spirituality, wisdom, and compassion to the timely topic of weight. This book will help individuals ditch the diet culture for good.”
—Signe Darpinian, MFT, author of Knock Out Dieting

“Only once in a while do I pick up a book that speaks truths to me on so many levels. I’ve been involved in social work and the body acceptance movement for years, and there is a reoccurring challenge we face above all else: the want to love and treasure your own body exists, but the knowledge on how to go about it isn’t as easily grasped. Kimber fills this need for practical ways to learn that love with 52 Ways to Love Your Body. Throughout the book, she furnishes the reader with positive ways to embrace ourselves just as we are, and exercises to strengthen that appreciation for our friend, our body. I firmly believe this book will redefine how readers approach their relationships with their bodies, and what it means to nurture themselves. I’ve already recommended it to a client and it isn’t available yet—that’s how strongly I feel about this book. It’s a resource for all women like myself, those of us learning to love ourselves in a world telling us we have no reason to; this book is a calm voice of reason reminding us of all the reasons we should.”
Kai Hibbard, body acceptance activist, writer, and weight loss reality TV survivor

52 Ways to Love Your Body offers an excellent step-by-step guide to inspire and support readers in the process of cultivating and nurturing love for the bodies they’re in right now.”
Melanie Klein, professor of sociology and women’s studies, and coeditor of Yoga and Body Image

“Once again, Kimber has brought to light probably the most insidious and damaging effect of modern media on young women and girls—a distrust and dislike for their own bodies. With humor and honesty, she describes incidents of self-hatred in her own life and her healing journey that led her to find a healthy relationship with her own body. Her new book offers guidelines and help through gentle and effective exercises to begin the process of discovering your greatest friend in life—your own body.”
Angela Farmer, world-renowned yoga teacher

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