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The 60-Second Shrink

The 60-Second Shrink
101 Strategies for Staying Sane in a Crazy World




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ISBN: 9781886230040
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About the Book

Provides concise answers for solving mental health problems. Learn the vital elements of a successful marriage; how to deal effectively with anger, depression, stress, anxiety. In plain language, and brief enough to be read in about a minute, each mental health “morsel” helps readers handle a key life issue.


Arnold Lazarus (Author)
Dr. Arnold Lazarus, (1932-2013) was a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Rutgers University in New Jersey, and had also served on the faculties of Stanford University, Temple University Medical School, and Yale University. Dr. Lazarus... Read more

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Clifford Lazarus (Author)
Dr. Clifford Lazarus is a licensed clinical and health psychologist with a practice in psychotherapy and neuropsychological testing. He is the Director of Comprehensive Psychological Services in Princeton, New Jersey. Dr. Lazarus consults widely to... Read more

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“ eminently readable distillation of common problems and practical pointers to help you reclaim your life.”
Jeffrey K. Zeig, PhD, Director, Milton Erickson Foundation

The 60-Second Shrink: 101 Strategies For Staying Sane In A Crazy World offers over 100 mental health ‘morsels,’ each designed to help readers handle a key life issue and brief enough to be read in about a minute. The reader will learn the vital elements of a successful marriage; how to deal more effectively with anger, depression, stress, and anxiety; come to recognize how mental well-being is influenced by the response to everyday events, and much, much more. The 60-Second Shrink is written in plain language, every item includes a concise discussion of the psychological implications and offers suggestions for better mental health.”
Midwest Book Review

“...It is amazing how much information has been so neatly packaged into this slim volume... The Gems of wisdom scattered throughout are such that virtually everyone will find interesting information that can often be put to good personal use...”
—From the forward by Harold H. Bloomfiled, MD, author of How to Heal Depression.

“Remarkably good and clear advice on how to handle many of the most common kinds of emotional and behavioral problems. Includes many unusually sensible suggestions for refusing to unduly upset oneself in an often irrational world.”
Albert Ellis, PhD, President Albert Ellis Institute, New York, and author of A Guide to Rational Living.

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