The Rebuilding Workbook

The Rebuilding Workbook

Step-by-Step Guidance for Healing When Your Relationship Ends

by Will Limón

With Nina Hart-Fisher

Foreword by Robert Alberti

Published by: New Harbinger Publications

Imprint: Impact

304 Pages, 8.00 x 10.00 x 0.00 in

  • Paperback
  • 9781684035397
  • Published: November 2020


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  • eBooks (ePub, PDF)
  • 9781684035410
  • Published: November 2020

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Based on the #1 trusted resource on divorce recovery, Rebuilding, this highly anticipated workbook offers step-by-step guidance to help you put your life back together when a relationship ends.

If you are going through a painful breakup or divorce, you may feel like the life you once knew is crashing down around you. You need help to gather the pieces and “rebuild” yourself from the ground up. Based on the classic divorce guide, Rebuilding, this practical workbook offers powerful and time-tested skills to help you establish a new sense of identity, overcome the fear of being alone, forgive yourself and others, set healthy boundaries, and explore new relationships.

In this workbook, you’ll learn about the 19 most common emotions, feelings, and attitudes that one experiences after the loss of a relationship, and discover a proven-effective approach for healing called “the divorce process rebuilding blocks.” Now the most widely used approach for divorce recovery, this model makes the process healthier and less traumatic for you, your partner, and your kids.

A divorce or breakup can feel as painful as the death of a loved one. But by climbing the rebuilding blocks to recovery outlined in this workbook, you’ll discover that the core of your pain is much more than the death of old ways. It is also the pain of rebirth into a new life.

Are you ready to rebuild?