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New Book Excerpts for Living Consciously—A Free e-Book

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New Book Excerpts for Living Consciously 2020 Free e-Book Cover

In the day-to-day of our busy lives, where can we find room to discover a deeper understanding of ourselves, create greater harmony in our relationships, and find lasting peace and happiness?

If you are looking to feel more connected with yourself and the world around you, New Harbinger is pleased to present a new volume of curated excerpts from our books for awakening, transformation, and living consciously in the modern world. With these essential teachings, practices, and real-life examples—written by renowned spiritual teachers and authors—you’ll find the guidance and support you need to cultivate healing, self-discovery, and fulfillment.

Our special 2020 e-book sampler includes selections from:

  • Brave New Medicine by Cynthia Li
  • How to Be a Spiritual Rebel by Jac O’Keeffe
  • Be, Awake, Create by Rebekah Younger
  • The Earth Prescription by Laura Koniver
  • The Yoga Almanac by Lisette Cheresson and Andrea Rice
  • The Ease of Being (25th Anniversary Edition) by Jean Klein

We invite you to explore these books, and wish you true well-being, peace, and joy.

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