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Adult Children of Divorce

Adult Children of Divorce
How to Overcome the Legacy of Your Parents' Break-up and Enjoy Love, Trust, and Intimacy




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About the Book

If your parents divorced when you were young, you were probably affected by the breakdown fo their marriage. Divided loyalties, secrets kept from the other parent, one life lived in two separate houses—these may have been par for the course.

With this guide, you will learn that the effects of the divorce are not permanently harmful. Find out how to forgive your parents, discover new ways to enrich your own relationships and learn that there are alternative realities available.

Divorce experts and psychologists Jeffrey Zimmerman, Ph.D., and Elizabeth S. Thayer Ph.D., show you how to recognize how your parents’ divorce influenced your life, resulting in disruptions such as relationship failures due to financial reasons, difficulties with commitment, and repeated situations that “just don’t seem to work out.” They provide techniques to help you understand and overcome these and other issues common to adult children of divorced parents. Zimmerman and Thayer focus on helping you learn how to build self-esteem, become resilient, establish healthy boundaries, communicate clearly, open up to trust, show love, believe in commitment and deal with vulnerable feelings.


Elizabeth Thayer (Author)
Elizabeth S. Thayer, PhD, is vice-president and cofounder of Beacon Behavioral Services in Avon, CT, and the PEACE Program. She is a member of the American Psychological Association and Connecticut Psychological Association. She serves on the State... Read more

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Jeffrey Zimmerman, PhD, ABPP, is a licensed psychologist with offices in New York City and Westchester County, NY, and Connecticut. He has over thirty-five years of experience working with families and individuals experiencing the stress of... Read more

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“The authors pool their clinical experience to raise questions aimed at increasing self-awareness and developing a healthier future, all presented as though the reader were sitting in their clinical office. The book is chock-full of wise, pithy advice regarding the management of intimacy and conflict in love, work, and parent-child relationships. This book is eminently readable and level-headed, a welcome antidote to the emotional roller coaster of parental divorce.”
—Marsha Kline Pruett, Ph.D., MS, coauthor of Your Divorce Advisor, associate professor, psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine

“Finally! A book that not only illuminates the emotional impact of parental divorce, but also provides concrete ways in which children of divorce can make sense of their painful pasts and work toward building better relationships as adults. Through poignant real-life stories and probing exercises, this book offers an invaluable road map for anyone still struggling with hurt and confusion by their parents’ divorce. A must-read for all adult children of divorce.”
—Stephanie Staal, author of The Love They Lost: Living with the Legacy of Our Parents’ Divorce

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