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The Almighty Mackerel and His Holy Bootstraps

The Almighty Mackerel and His Holy Bootstraps




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ISBN: 9780956643247
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About the Book

Perhaps if something is said over and over a hundred different ways, it will finally sink in. And perhaps not. But if it is seen just once.... This book is an offering by the Absolute; an expression of a realization ultimately had by no one. Part I is comprised of 15 essays. The dialogues in Part II are based on conversations with five other incarcerated men over a period of four years. The author is indebted to these men, and to the English philosopher and spiritual teacher Douglas E. Harding for the awareness exercises and many of the terms presented in this book, and for his unique and incomparable expression of non-dual wisdom.


J.C. Amberchele (Author)
J. C. Amberchele was born in Philadelphia in 1940. He attended a Quaker school, then colleges in Pennsylvania and New York, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. In the early 1960s, Amberchele worked as a part-time instructor at a... Read more

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