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The Anxiety Workbook for Kids

The Anxiety Workbook for Kids
Take Charge of Fears and Worries Using the Gift of Imagination





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ISBN: 9781626254770
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About the Book

Anxiety in children is on the rise, and recent research has uncovered a link between highly imaginative children and anxiety. Using engaging illustrations and fun activities based in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), one of the most proven-effective and widely used forms of therapy today, this Instant Help workbook presents a unique approach to help children harness the power of their imaginations to reduce anxiety and build self-esteem.

Millions of children suffer from anxiety, which can be extremely limiting, causing kids to miss school, opt out of activities with friends, and refuse to speak or participate in a variety of situations. Furthermore, children who are diagnosed with anxiety or brought into therapy often feel embarrassed about not being “normal.” Focusing on the problem of anxiety can stress kids out and make them feel ashamed. But when the focus is on their strengths and their vivid imaginations, children are empowered to face their anxiety head-on.

The Anxiety Workbook for Kids is a fun and unique workbook grounded in evidence-based CBT and designed to help children understand their anxious thoughts within a positive framework—a perspective that will allow kids to see themselves as the highly imaginative individuals they are, and actually appreciate the role imagination plays in their anxiety. With this workbook, children will learn that, just as they are capable of envisioning vivid scenarios that fuel their anxiety, they are capable of using their imagination to move away from anxious thoughts and become the boss of their own worries.

With engaging CBT-based activities, games, and illustrations—and with a focus on imagination training and developing skills like problem solving, assertiveness, positive thinking, body awareness, relaxation, and mindfulness—this book will help kids stand up to worry and harness the power of their imagination for good.


Robin Alter (Author)
Robin Alter, PhD, CPsych, received her undergraduate degree from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, and her master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. She was the head of the children's program at Tri-... Read more

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Crystal Clarke (Author)
Crystal Clarke, MSW, RSW, received her undergraduate social work degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada in 2007. Before continuing on to complete her master’s degree, Clarke worked as a social worker in the Department of Child,... Read more

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Oliver Burns (Illustrator)

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The Anxiety Workbook for Kids is very child-friendly and engaging. It offers children and adolescents concrete and effective strategies for calming their fears and taking control of their lives. The workbook provides helpful techniques for children to become the bosses of their imagination so it serves them well. Children who use this workbook will undoubtedly master their worries, feel more positive about themselves and their lives, and interact more confidently with others. The Anxiety Workbook for Kids is a must-have for any therapist or counselor working with children, and for any family concerned about a child with anxiety.”
—Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD, ABPP, Emory University; 2014 president of the American Psychological Association
“With inventive illustrations and activities, Alter and Clarke excel at explaining worry and cognitive-behavioral strategies to young readers. Whether a child’s worries are improbable or impossible, readers will benefit from these practical tools which engage the strength of imagination. A great resource for kids as well as parents and teachers.”
—Andrea Umbach, PsyD, clinical psychologist and author of Conquer Your Fears and Phobias for Teens
The Anxiety Workbook for Kids provides families with a wonderful tool for helping the growing number of children experiencing problems of anxiety: the child’s own imagination. Robin Alter and Crystal Clarke have created a much-needed resource that is not just thoroughly engaging, but extremely beneficial.”
Stuart Shanker, distinguished research professor of philosophy and psychology at York University

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