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Joan Tollifson is author of Nothing to Grasp, Painting the Sidewalk with Water, Awake in the Heartland, and Bare-Bones Meditation. Tollifson writes and talks with people about the living reality here and now. She has an affinity with both Buddhism and Advaita, but belongs to no formal tradition. Her approach is simple and down-to-earth, pointing beyond concepts and beliefs to the immediacy of direct knowing and being. Tollifson has lived in Northern California; rural New York; Chicago, IL; and Southern Oregon. Her main teacher was Toni Packer, but she spent time with many other teachers as well.

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Books by Joan Tollifson

Nothing to Grasp
Joan Tollifson
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This book points relentlessly to what is most obvious and impossible to avoid, the ever-present, ever-changing, nonconceptual actuality of the present moment that is effortlessly presenting itself... Read More
Awake in the Heartland
Joan Tollifson
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Awake in the Heartland offers clear non-dual understanding, not in the abstract, but grounded in the actuality of daily life with all its messiness, complexity, uncertainty, paradox, and apparent... Read More
Painting the Sidewalk with Water
Joan Tollifson
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These lively talks and dialogues are about seeing through the illusion of separation and waking up to the boundless wholeness that is all there is. Joan's approach is open and explorative,... Read More