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John Greven was born in 1961 in Oklahoma. At the age of eighteen he was struck by the idea that the “creator of the universe” couldn’t be as limited as he'd been taught. This began a search that took him through various religions, philosophies, metaphysics, and meditation. The search went on at various levels of intensity and commitment for twenty-five years. In 2004 a meeting with John Wheeler contributed to bringing the search to an abrupt end as the simple and obvious truth was seen.

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John Greven
Foreword by "Sailor" Bob Adamson
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The intent of this book is to look afresh at ones daily experience, to point to something that the mind may have overlooked. It is not pointing to anything new, anything that you can achieve, or... Read More
John Greven
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L'objectif de ce livre est de pointer vers ce que le mental peut avoir ignore. Il ne s'agit pas de trouver—quelque chose—de nouveau, que vous pourriez atteindre ou ajouter a vous-meme. Il n'est pas... Read More