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Kirk D. Strosahl, PhD, is cofounder of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), a cognitive behavioral approach that has gained widespread adoption in the mental health and substance-abuse communities. He is coauthor of Brief Interventions for Radical Change and In This Moment. Strosahl provides training and consultation services for Mountainview Consulting Group, Inc. He is a pioneer in the movement to bring behavioral health services into primary care. He resides in Portland, OR.

Books by Kirk D. Strosahl

The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Depression Second Edition
Kirk D. Strosahl and Patricia J. Robinson
Foreword by Steven C. Hayes
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What if depression could lead to positive change? Written by acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) cofounder Kirk Strosahl and Patricia Robinson, this revised edition of the best-selling classic,... Read More
Parenting a Troubled Teen
Patricia E. Zurita Ona
Foreword by Kirk D. Strosahl
Afterword by Matthew McKay
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Raising a teen is tough—especially when your teen has trouble regulating their emotions and lashes out. This groundbreaking book will give you the tools you need to stop unwittingly reinforcing your... Read More
The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Depression
Patricia J. Robinson and Kirk D. Strosahl
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There are hundreds of books that will try to help you overcome or put an end to depression. But what if you could use your depression to change your life for the better? Your symptoms may be signals... Read More
Inside This Moment
Kirk D. Strosahl, Patricia J. Robinson and Thomas Gustavsson
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"A practical guide that presents a user-friendly approach to helping patients enact radical change and acceptance through mindfulness in their personal lives." —Family Medicine  In this breakthrough... Read More
Brief Interventions for Radical Change
Kirk D. Strosahl, Patricia J. Robinson and Thomas Gustavsson
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As a mental health professional, you know it's a real challenge to help clients develop the psychological skills they need to live a vital life. This is especially true when you are working with... Read More
In This Moment
Kirk D. Strosahl and Patricia J. Robinson
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Little daily hassles can add up to big, big stress. Whether you're stuck in traffic, hauling your kids out the front door in the morning, dealing with a demanding boss, or worrying about money, it's... Read More
Real Behavior Change in Primary Care
Patricia J. Robinson, Debra A. Gould and Kirk D. Strosahl
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A Toolkit for Creating Lasting Behavior Change in Your Patients As a primary care provider, you are on the front lines of medical treatment. Oftentimes, you're the first medical professional... Read More
ACT in Action
Steven C. Hayes, Kirk D. Strosahl and Robyn D. Walser
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In the final episode, Psychological Flexibility, you'll learn how to mix the various ACT processes in actual treatment scenarios. Discover how to use ACT as a brief intervention model. Explore issues... Read More