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Linda J. Hayes, PhD, is professor of psychology, and founder and director of the behavior analysis program at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Books by Linda J. Hayes

Applied Behavior Analysis of Language and Cognition
Edited by Mitch Fryling, Ruth Anne Rehfeldt, Jonathan Tarbox and Linda J. Hayes
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Written by leading experts in language and cognition, this groundbreaking behavior analysis textbook brings the study of verbal behavior into the 21st century with cutting-edge research. Students... Read More
Varieties of Scientific Contextualism
Edited by Linda J. Hayes, Steven C. Hayes and Hayne Reese
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Contextualism as a philosophy of science has been receiving increased attention from psychologists and other social scientists frustrated with the dominant mechanistic view within psychology. This... Read More
A History of the Behavioral Therapies
Edited by William T. O'Donohue, Deborah Henderson, Steven C. Hayes, Jane Fisher and Linda J. Hayes
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In this unique work, eighteen of the most influential and significant figures in the various subareas of behavior therapy (from behavior analysis through cognitive therapy) are brought together to... Read More
Ethical Issues in Developmental Disabilities
Edited by Gregory Hayes, Linda J. Hayes and Stephen Moore
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Views of the ethical treatment of persons with disabilities are changing rapidly. The fervently held goals of yesterday are often the rejected status quo of today. Bringing together behavioral... Read More
Organizational Change
Edited by John Austin, Michael Clayton, Linda J. Hayes and Ramona Houmanfar
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This is an important text for interested readers in both private and public settings. The 1998 Nevada Conference on Organizational Change brought to light many old issues and new opportunities in... Read More
Dialogues on Verbal Behavior
Edited by Philip Chase and Linda J. Hayes
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This volume, originating from the First International Institute on Verbal Relations, is current, innovative, and broad in scope. It brings together some of the leading behavioral theorists and... Read More
Investigations in Behavioral Epistemology
Edited by Patrick Ghezzi and Linda J. Hayes
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What does it mean to take a behavioral approach to such core philosophical topics such as epistemology, consciousness, meaning, and truth? After all, the philosophy of science is not cut off from... Read More