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Nina W. Brown, EdD, LPC, received her doctorate from the College of William and Mary, and is a professor and eminent scholar of counseling at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. She is former president of the Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy, and a current commissioner for the American Psychological Association’s Commission on Accreditation. Brown is the author of twenty-seven books on group therapy and narcissism, including Children of the Self-Absorbed, Loving the Self-Absorbed, and Whose Life is it Anyway?

Books by Nina W Brown

Children of the Self-Absorbed Second Edition
Nina W Brown
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Being a parent is usually all about giving of yourself to foster your child's growth and development. But what happens when this isn't the case? Some parents dismiss the needs of their children,... Read More
Coping With Your Partner's Jealousy
Nina W Brown
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Statisticians report that as many as two of every three married couples have at least one incident of spousal battery in their history; the number one motivation for these attacks is the jealousy of... Read More
Children of the Aging Self-Absorbed
Nina W Brown
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Growing up with a parent who is self-absorbed is difficult, and they may become more difficult to deal with as they age. This essential book shows how to cope with your aging parent's narcissistic... Read More
Loving the Self-Absorbed
Nina W Brown
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A narcissistic partner is forever putting his or her own needs first and is also demeaning, manipulative, controlling, and competitive. After the early stages of a relationship, the non-narcissist... Read More