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Pamela S. Wiegartz, PhD, was an associate professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago where she taught courses on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and directed the obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) clinic for over a decade. She is a certified fellow of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy and serves on the scientific advisory board of OCD Chicago. Wiegartz is also actively involved in clinical research and is a cognitive behavioral consultant on grant-funded projects related to perinatal depression management and self-care. A licensed clinical psychologist, she maintains a practice dedicated to treating individuals with anxiety disorders in the greater Boston area. She is coauthor of 10 Simple Solutions to Worry. Visit her online at

Books by Pamela Wiegartz

The Worrier's Guide to Overcoming Procrastination
Kevin Gyoerkoe and Pamela Wiegartz
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Break the Bonds of Anxiety-Driven Procrastination You know that postponing things you need to do can result in negative consequences-overdue bills, unhappy supervisors, disappointed friends and... Read More
The Pregnancy and Postpartum Anxiety Workbook
Kevin Gyoerkoe and Pamela Wiegartz
Foreword by Laura Miller
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"How I wish I'd had this book when I suffered from postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder! Pregnant and postpartum moms need to know that perinatal anxiety disorders are common and treatable, and... Read More
10 Simple Solutions to Worry
Kevin Gyoerkoe and Pamela Wiegartz
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We all worry about things from time to time, but some of us just can't seem to stop expecting the worst-even when our expectations are very unlikely to occur. This condition, chronic worry, is... Read More