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Paula Domenici, PhD, is a counseling psychologist focused on deployment-related mental health issues with a specialization in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She has worked extensively with veterans, as well as educating clinicians who care for them. She currently trains military and civilian mental health providers across the country on evidence-based therapies and cultural-sensitive practices for assisting the military community. Previously, she served as an American Psychological Association (APA) policy fellow in former Senator Clinton's office addressing concerns of veterans and seniors. Earlier, Domenici was a staff psychologist on the San Francisco Veteran's Administration's PTSD Clinical Team, treating veterans with combat trauma and supporting their spouses. She lives in Washington, DC.

Books by Paula Domenici

Courage After Fire for Parents of Service Members
Paula Domenici, Suzanne Best and Keith Armstrong
Foreword by Bob Dole
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Parents of returning service members may sometimes feel that their voices are not heard. The media is saturated with stories about troops returning from deployment with mental health problems like... Read More