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Rachel Zoffness, MS, PhD, is faculty at the UCSF School of Medicine, where she teaches pain education for medical residents and interns, and serves on the steering committee of the American Association of Pain Psychology. She is a pain psychologist, author, medical consultant, and educator specializing in chronic pain and illness. She is author of The Chronic Pain and Illness Workbook for Teens; piloted the Psychology Today column, Pain, Explained; and is a 2020 Mayday Pain Advocacy Fellow. She was trained at Brown University, Columbia University, University of California San Diego, San Diego State University, and Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital. She provides lectures and trainings for multidisciplinary health care providers, and serves as a consultant to medical professionals and hospitals around the world.

Books by Rachel Zoffness

The Chronic Pain and Illness Workbook for Teens
Rachel Zoffness
Foreword by Elliot J. Krane
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In this powerful workbook for teens, pediatric pain specialist Rachel Zoffness offers evidence-based strategies to help you turn the volume down on chronic pain and illness and get back to living... Read More
The Pain Management Workbook
Rachel Zoffness
Foreword by Mark A. Schumacher
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Change your brain, change your pain with this powerful, evidence-based workbook. If you’re struggling with chronic pain, you’re not alone: more than one hundred million Americans currently live with... Read More