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Robert L. Leahy, PhD, is author or editor of twenty-six books, including The Worry Cure. He has led or been heavily involved with many national and regional cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) organizations. He writes a regular blog for Psychology Today, and has written for The Huffington Post. Leahy is an international speaker at conferences worldwide, and has been featured in print, radio, and television media such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Times of London, The Washington Post, 20/20, The Early Show, and more.

Books by Robert L. Leahy

The Jealousy Cure
Robert L. Leahy
Foreword by Paul Gilbert
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"The Jealousy Cure unlocks the positive power of jealousy for happy relationships."—Foreword Reviews "Solid counsel for those whose relationships are plagued by jealousy and the individuals it... Read More