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Timothy Gordon, MSW, is a social worker in Canada, and an internationally recognized, peer-reviewed acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) trainer. He specializes in treating attachment- and trauma-related disorders. Tim is also a yoga teacher who integrates movement and yoga practices into his work. Tim’s research has included yoga as a mental health intervention, ACT for chronic pain, and ACT with neonatal intensive care units. Tim is passionate about empowering people in various settings to use ACT. He has worked with the Parliament of Canada, and is involved in bringing ACT to sub-Saharan African countries with his colleagues at Commit and Act. Gordon, along with Jessica Borushok, is award-winning coauthor of The ACT Approach.

Books by Timothy Gordon

Mindful Yoga-Based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Timothy Gordon and Jessica Borushok
with Steve Ferrell
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The ancient wisdom of yoga meets the evidence-based effectiveness of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) in this breakthrough professional guide for both yoga instructors and ACT clinicians.... Read More