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Will Pye is a visionary entrepreneur, transformational coach, speaker, and spiritual teacher. In his early twenties, Will embarked on an intense quest exploring human potential and the nature of reality in order to overcome his own suicidal depression. He enjoyed business success while raising millions of dollars for leading charities. A series of awakenings, and then a brain tumor diagnosis in 2011, inspired a new direction. Since then, Will has given talks, meetings, workshops, and retreats—globally sharing the power of presence and gratitude for well-being and awakening. He has created life-changing online programs, including Living Impeccably and A Year to Live, The Alchemy of Cancer; and the popular podcast The Truth Lover.

Will is a practitioner of Zen, yoga, and Qigong, and is ever curious about integrating new-paradigm scientific research with timeless spiritual insight to facilitate true transformation and flourishing. He is founder of Love and Truth Party, a self-organizing nonprofit community and movement facilitating awakening, articulating the new paradigm, and inspiring sacred activism. Learn more at www.loveandtruthparty.org. Will divides his time between Melbourne, Australia; and Cambridge, England; and regularly travels to North America, continental Europe, South Africa, and beyond, offering meetings, workshops, and retreats. Learn more at www.willpye.com. He is author of Blessed with a Brain Tumor.

Books by Will Pye

The Gratitude Prescription
Will Pye
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Gratitude is more than just a virtue—it’s a gift we give to ourselves. Written by a spiritual teacher and brain tumor survivor, The Gratitude Prescription will help you discover love, happiness, and... Read More