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William H. Moorcroft, PhD, is a registered psychotherapist; behavioral sleep medicine specialist; emeritus professor at Luther College, Decorah, IA; and founder and chief consultant at Northern Colorado Sleep Consultants, LLC, where he now specializes in treating insomnia, children’s sleep problems, nightmares, and sleep problems in shift workers. He is also former director of a Sleep and Dreams Laboratory. Following earning a PhD from Princeton University, Moorcroft committed over forty-five years of his life studying and researching sleep and dreams. During this time, he did additional sleep disorder training at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and Rush Medical College in Chicago, IL. He has previously authored four books, many research papers, and numerous other publications. More recently, he brought his dedication and experience into the world to help people with their sleep problems.

Moorcroft knows how to find what is wrong with your efforts to sleep, and how to turn them around in a matter of weeks. Moorcroft was a psychology professor at Luther College in Decorah, IA, from 1971 through 2002. During this time, he focused his attention on sleep and dreams by doing research, writing books and articles, and teaching about this area. Since retiring from teaching in 2002, Moorcroft founded Northern Colorado Sleep Consultants, LLC, in Fort Collins, CO, and is currently its chief consultant. He also offers workshops and presentations on all aspects of sleep, dreams, and sleep disorders. Moorcroft is author of four widely used books on sleep and dreaming. The most recent, Understanding Sleep and Dreaming, is available from Springer Publishers. Find out more at www.sleeplessincolorado.com.

Books by William H. Moorcroft

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Foreword by Jason C. Ong
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