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  • John Austin, PhD
    John Austin, PhD, is associate professor of psychology and a member of the industrial/organizational faculty at Western Michigan University.
  • Sidney Bijou, PhD
    Sidney W. Bijou, PhD, is widely regarded a one of the fathers of applied behavior psychology. He was Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno, until his retirement in... Read more
  • Derek Blackman
    Derek Blackman, PhD, is professor emeritus of psychology at Cardiff University, Wales, and lives in Hastings, England, where he is involved in a wide range of activities including innovative... Read more
  • Matthew S. Boone, LCSW
    Matthew S. Boone, LCSW, is a social worker, writer, and public speaker who specializes in translating mental health concepts for the general public. He is director of programming and outreach for the... Read more
  • John Bryceland
  • James Carr, PhD
    James E. Carr, PhD, is associate professor of psychology, chair of the Behavior Analysis program, and codirector of the Center for Autism at Western Michigan University.
  • Nicholas Cummings, PhD
    Nicholas Cummings, PhD, is distinguished professor emeritus of clinical psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno, and president of the Cummings Foundation for Behavioral Health.
  • Mark Dixon, PhD
    Mark R. Dixon, PhD, is associate professor in the Behavior Anaylsis and Therapy Program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.
  • Michael Dougher, PhD
    Michael J. Dougher, PhD, is professor of psychology at the University of New Mexico. He is editor of Clinical Behavior Analysis as well and numerous article and chapters in professional publications... Read more
  • Bernard Guerin, PhD
    Bernard Guerin, PhD, is professor of psychology and head of school for the School of Psychology at the University of Southern Australia in Adelaide, Australia. He is author of the Handbook for... Read more
  • Linda J. Hayes, PhD
    Linda J. Hayes, PhD, is professor of psychology, and founder and director of the behavior analysis program at the University of Nevada, Reno.
  • Gary Novak, PhD
    Gary Novak, PhD, is professor of psychology at California State University, Stanislaus.
  • Jason M. Stewart, PsyD
    Now deceased, Jason M. Stewart, PsyD, was a clinical and sport psychologist in private practice. His areas of focus included men's issues, sport performance enhancement, and addictions and... Read more
  • Niklas Törneke, MD
    Niklas Törneke, MD, is a psychiatrist, and has worked as a senior psychiatrist in the department of general psychiatry in his hometown of Kalmar, Sweden, from 1991 until he started a private practice... Read more
  • W. Larry Williams, PhD
  • Douglas W. Woods, PhD
    Douglas W. Woods, PhD, received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Western Michigan University in 1999. He is a recognized expert in the assessment and treatment of tic disorders and... Read more