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  • Susan Albers, PsyD
    Susan Albers, PsyD, is a New York Times bestselling author and licensed clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic specializing in eating issues, weight loss, body image concerns, and mindfulness... Read more
  • Donald Altman, MA, LPC
    Donald Altman, MA, LPC, is vice president of The Center for Mindful Eating and author of One-Minute Mindfulness and Meal by Meal.
  • Lilian Cheung, DSc, RD
    Lilian Cheung, D.Sc., R.D. is a lecturer and director of health promotion and communication at the Harvard School of Public Health’s Department of Nutrition. She is a co-investigator at the Harvard... Read more
  • Linda W. Craighead, PhD
    Linda W. Craighead, PhD, is professor of psychology and director of the Clinical Psychology Training program at the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO. She is also clinical director at La Luna, an... Read more
  • JoAnne Dahl, PhD
    JoAnne Dahl, PhD, is professor of psychology at Uppsala University, Sweden. JoAnne is a clinical psychologist specializing in behavior medicine. She is coauthor of the The Art and Science of Valuing... Read more
  • Michele Laliberte, PhD
    Michele Laliberte, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and director of the outpatient adult eating disorders program at St. Joseph's Healthcare in Hamilton, ON, Canada. She is also assistant professor in... Read more
  • Jason Lillis, PhD
    Jason Lillis, PhD, is assistant professor of research at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University, and a clinical psychologist at the Miriam Hospital in Providence, RI. He is a leading ACT-for-... Read more
  • Randi E. McCabe, PhD
    Randi E. McCabe, PhD, is psychologist-in-chief and director of the Anxiety Treatment and Research Centre at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton. She is also associate professor in the department of... Read more
  • Elyse Resch, MS, RDN
    Elyse Resch, MS, RDN, is a nutrition therapist in private practice in Beverly Hills, CA, with over thirty-five years of experience, specializing in eating disorders, intuitive eating, and health at... Read more
  • Debra L. Safer, MD
    Debra L. Safer, M.D., Co-Director of the Stanford Adult Eating and Weight Disorders Clinic, obtained her MD from the University of California, San Francisco. She completed residency as well as a post... Read more
  • Arnold D. Salzberg, MD
    Foreword writer Arnold D. Salzberg, MD, is a member of the surgical faculty at the University of California, San Francisco. He specializes in laparoscopic high risk weight loss surgery, liver surgery... Read more
  • Doreen A. Samelson, EdD, MSCP
    Doreen A. Samelson, EdD, MSCP, is a licensed clinical psychologist and eating disorder specialist. She practices in a large health maintenance organization, where at least half of her clinical work... Read more
  • Pavel G Somov, PhD
    Pavel G. Somov, PhD, is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Pittsburgh, PA. He is the author of Eating the Moment, Present Perfect, The Smoke-Free Smoke Break, and The Lotus Effect.
  • Jennifer Taitz, PsyD
    Jennifer L. Taitz, PsyD, is a supervising clinical psychologist and director of the dialectical behavior therapy program at the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy in New York, NY. Her expertise... Read more
  • Valerie Taylor, MD, PhD
    Valerie Taylor, MD, PhD, is assistant professor in psychiatry and behavioral neurosciences at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, Canada. At St. Joseph's Healthcare in Hamilton, she is director of... Read more
  • Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN
    Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN, is an award-winning registered dietitian with a nutrition counseling practice in Newport Beach, CA, specializing in eating disorders. She also trains health professionals on... Read more
  • Tracy Tylka, Ph.D
    Tracy Tylka, PhD, is professor of psychology at the Columbus and Marion campuses of The Ohio State University. She attended the University of Akron for her undergraduate and graduate studies, earning... Read more
  • Sandra M. Weineland, PhD
    Sandra M. Weineland, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and doctor of psychology at Linköping University, Sweden. She is a specialist in psychotherapy. Her research has been focused on evaluating ACT... Read more