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Becoming a Life Coach

Becoming a Life Coach
A Complete Workbook for Therapists




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ISBN: 9781572245006
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About the Book

More than just fixing what ails them, many therapists today seek to help clients achieve personal and professional goals and navigate life changes successfully-a variety of practice called life coaching. This book offers a complete strategy professionals can use to incorporate life coaching into their practices.

Becoming a Life Coach compares the role of the therapist to that of the life coach; the role of the patient to that of the client; the service of the mentally ill to that of the mentally healthy; treatment to collaboration; and finally the differences in professional standing between these two endeavors. Using real coaching exercises, the book teaches therapists everything they need to know to start and maintain a successful coaching practice. It includes information about necessary skills, tips on integrating coaching and therapy, business models, marketing advice, and more.


David Skibbins (Author)
David Skibbins, PhD, CPCC, is a licensed psychotherapist and practicing life coach. He lives on the Northern California coast with his brilliant wife and his frisky Portuguese Water Dog. David Skibbins' first mystery, Eight of Swords, won the St.... Read more

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