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The Best Thing That Never Happened

The Best Thing That Never Happened




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ISBN: 9781908664433
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About the Book

“Just a few years ago I spent my days lying on a moldy mattress praying for death or an end to suffering, whichever came first.” Joey Lott suffered for decades from extreme anxiety, obsessions, compulsions, eating disorders... and spiritual seeking. And then, nearing the brink of death he stumbled upon something miraculous: the freedom he had long sought was to be found in the very experiences he had tried so desperately to avoid. This is a profound book—but with a lightness of touch that makes it reader-friendly. Part memoir, part take-no-prisoners immediacy, The Best Thing that Never Happened offers a unique and refreshing message—that you cannot be other than yourself. With the repeated instructions to meet what is already present, including what you most want to avoid, the author points you to the radical discovery of true freedom which is available for each of us in this very moment.


Joey Lott (Author)
Born and raised in middle America, Joey Lott left university at the age of 19 to seek his fortune in California, where he became a software development prodigy in the dot-com world, overseeing the expansion into New England of the largest, privately... Read more

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