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Introducing New Harbinger's Little Free Library!

Introducing New Harbinger's Little Free Library!


Here at New Harbinger, we strive to develop high quality, evidence-based, affordable tools for mental health, so that there is as little barrier to help as possible. We believe that mental healthcare is a human right, and for more than 40 years, our mission has always been to end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Because we believe mental healthcare should be accessible to all, we decided to act. This month, we put up a Little Free Library outside our offices in Oakland, California, thereby offering free books to our local community.

The Little Free Library at New Harbinger was an idea that our staff agreed upon together. We painted it and put it up as a team and will continue to fill it with our books—created with love, hard work, and in most cases, scientific rigor—throughout the year.

We proudly publish evidence-based self-help books, workbooks, and books on wellness and spirituality. New Harbinger books are for everyone—adults, teens, and kids from all walks of life, with all sorts of mental health and physical health issues that are often hard to treat. And we are now publishing graphic novels around mental health, for adults and teens. We even publish memoirs chronicling struggles and stories of triumph. We offer something for everyone.  

Our Little Free Library is a little different from most, in that we aren’t asking folks to leave a book when they take one. We hope that our local community helps itself to some self-help.

Health and happiness,

from the New Harbinger team.


How nice to see this little cheery little box there to help those who are interested! And having been to this location, I suspect there are many in the neighborhood who could benefit from, but may not be able to easily afford, these books on their own. Good job impacting your neighborhood!