Psychology Moment by Moment

Across the majority of contemporary psychotherapeutic modalities, mindfulness is used in one way or another. Whether your particular approach is entirely mindfulness-based or you simply incorporate mindfulness practice as a tool in treatment, there is an increasing demand for mental health professionals who can develop effective treatment protocols that incorporate mindfulness, suited to the needs of individual clients. Today’s book, Psychology Moment by Moment: A Guide to Enhancing Your Clinical Practice with Mindfulness and Meditation guides clinicians through the process of creating and applying mindfulness-based interventions for a variety of client populations and problems, session by session, to focus treatment even more and help clients make substantial progress.

You’ll learn the best mindfulness techniques for the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, chronic illness, pain, stress, and eating disorders, and how to apply these techniques in therapy, including child and couples therapy. This handbook also offers methods for measuring and documenting client mindfulness that have previously been available only to researchers. The mindfulness approach in this book can be used as a stand-alone treatment or may be incorporated into cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and other therapeutic modalities.

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