HeartMath Skills for Reducing Teen Stress

A Letter from the Authors of Transforming Stress for Teens

Worry about an upcoming math test, anxiety about feeling pressed to try drugs, pressure to get better grades, fear of being harassed by a classmate; that all can add up to feeling a lot of stress if the emotions of worry, anxiety, pressure, and fear are left unmanaged.

But what if teens could transform these stressful emotions and prep by practicing the Inner Ease Technique to self-generate a feeling of ease and an inner calm before they take the test? They’ll likely have a better test score because they’ll be more clearheaded. When a friend offers drugs and anxiety arises, what if they could shift and reset in that moment with the Freeze-Frame Technique, and discover the clarity that it’s really not something they want to do—and have the courage to say “no thanks”? And what if practicing Attitude Breathing could replace a “poor me” attitude with an “I can do” attitude? An attitude shift can have a positive impact on how teens handle situations and on their outlook toward life. That’s turning the tables on stress!

Teens will discover that their stress affects not only themselves, but also those around them and their friends; stress from family and teachers can affect them too. They will learn that their brains go off-line and they can’t think as clearly if they feel anxious while taking a test. Importantly, they will learn how to create a state called coherence: an internal state of physiological balance and stability.

This book offers a step-by-step guide of practical solutions—tools, techniques, strategies, and exercises—that can transform the stress that teens experience in their daily lives. Best of all, the techniques can be practiced right in the moment—which is when it really counts.

Multiple studies have shown that teens who have practiced the HeartMath techniques are better able to navigate daily life with less stress, increase their test scores, and get along better with others. They feel more in control of their emotions and are calmer, more confident, and enjoy life more. Getting out from under stress allows them to be more of who they truly are—the fun, adventuresome, creative, kind, and innovative people they are!

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