Our Action Plan

When we started this company 47 years ago, our mission was to put the tools of healing into the hands of the people who needed them most. From the beginning, we have worked to create practical and effective resources to help alleviate human suffering. This is still our mission, and the most pressing issue today is racial bias and inequality.

Black lives and Black mental health matter.

More resources are needed to address the trauma and stress associated with the systemic racism woven into the fabric of our society, and we’re committed to addressing this lack of resources.

As a largely white company, we recognize that we can and should do more to overcome the constraints of a predominantly white industry. We commit to the following actions:

1 – We will partner with mental health organizations to provide books and trainings at deeply discounted rates to socioeconomically challenged people of color.

2 – We are actively seeking submissions from BIPOC authors and trainers working in mental healthcare. We will continue our commitment to equal pay for these professionals.

3 – We are committed to developing more books and trainings in the social justice, racial healing, and antiracist spaces. We are also actively pursuing more books and trainings specifically for Black audiences.

4 – We are undertaking a review of our recruitment and hiring process. Our goal is to more effectively recruit Black people and people of color when we fill positions at every level of the company. We will provide paid internships and training opportunities to qualified candidates who may not have a deep background in publishing or psychology.

5 – We have developed an Antiracism Committee that will provide guidance to the Executive Council. We are also requiring that all employees undergo racial sensitivity training and we will be actively educating ourselves on the social and psychological struggles of BIPOC.

We promise to keep leading with our eyes and ears open to suffering and our minds alert to ways we can be of better service to the BIPOC community and engage in collective healing.

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