New Harbinger Is Proud to Announce Its Acquisition of Non-Duality Press

What’s New for Non-Duality Press?

This season, we’re happy to announce that Non-Duality Press has found a new home with New Harbinger Publications. For decades, New Harbinger has published books to help people heal, find balance, and live more fulfilling lives, promoting wellness in both body and mind. Now, New Harbinger is proud to offer support for the spiritual seeker and continue Non-Duality Press’s original mission—to provide authentic and accessible writing on the subject of non-duality, a term that comes from the Sanskrit word “Advaita,” meaning “not two.” Our emphasis is on the lived experience and the integration of insight and realization with the miraculous ordinariness of daily life.

Coming This Fall

This fall, we’re excited to bring you new books from some of non-duality’s leading voices, including Greg Goode, author of Standing as Awareness and The Direct PathRichard Sylvester, author of The Book of No One and I Hope You Die SoonScott Kiloby, founder of the worldwide Living Inquiries community and cofounder of the Kiloby Center for Recovery; Fiona Robertson, a senior facilitator and trainer of the Living Inquiries; and Ilona Ciunaite, a Lithuanian-born tattoo artist and cocreator of the Liberation Unleashed forum.

These books provide clear and direct pointers to who you really are and what the world really is, encouraging you to explore within your own experience and draw your own conclusions about reality without the need to subscribe to traditional beliefs or rely on secondhand revelations. Whether based on explorations of respected traditions and philosophies, investigations of contemporary approaches, personal stories and intimate experiences, or some combination of these, each book points you toward the source of your own being, inviting you to look deeper, to question and learn—and to be compassionate and radically honest with yourself as you honor your history and your dreams while transitioning into an ease of being that is purely present, now and always.

Books and Posts and Events Arise

Non-Duality Press is proud to offer books and resources for anyone interested in non-duality. Whether you’re just beginning your journey on this transformational path or your seeking has come to an end, Non-Duality is for everyone. We’ll be using this blog to highlight the work of our authors and keep you posted with information about new books and events, so please check back here to stay up to date with us, and thank you for your continued support.


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