Where Knowledge Meets Love

In the everyday sense, we usually think of “knowledge” as experiencing the availability of lots of facts. We normally think of “love” as experiencing lots of warm feelings about someone or something.

But what makes these experiences possible? It is that which is already present for these experiences. And what is that? It turns out that it is already knowledge and love!

To know is to be present and clear for the nature of something. This presence is what is already present in order that objects can be arise and be “known.” What arises is always indistinguishable from this presence.

To love is to be open and to include. This love is the same open presence. It allows and includes all things. Sometimes “refusals” and “denials” seem to arise. But even they are lovingly included in this openness. What a wonderful irony!

So it comes to the same thing – to our nature as this open, loving clarity. That which is loved, is known. And that which knows, loves.

Greg Goode, Author of The Direct Path: A User Guide and Standing as Awareness


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