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Boundless Creativity

Boundless Creativity
A Spiritual Workbook for Overcoming Self-Doubt, Emotional Traps, and Other Creative Blocks





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ISBN: 9781684034994
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About the Book

A transformational guide from the author of The Plot Whisperer to lead you—step by step—on a spiritual journey toward living your best, most creative life.

Creativity engages our imagination and opens us up to thinking differently. It frees us from the constraints of everyday life, allowing us to access a part of ourselves that is not ruled by time, pressures, or conditions. It’s no wonder many of us long for more of it in our lives. When creative energy flows through us, it connects us to our deepest selves, as well as the world around us.

If you’ve ever embarked on a creative project, you may have experienced moments of pure joy or a sense of higher consciousness, when creativity seemed to pour from you. It’s also likely you’ve encountered moments of feeling stuck or blocked, being full of fear and self-doubt, or just not seeing the point. The truth is, emotions have a way of powerfully disrupting our creative flow and dismantling our inspiration. And by examining how emotions affect creativity—how entangled we can become in our own negative thoughts and beliefs—we can learn to unblock channels of inspiration and reach our true creative potential.

Boundless Creativity is designed to help writers, artists, and anyone feeling creatively blocked move beyond the self-doubt and criticism, past emotional wounds, and habits and patterns that keep you from realizing your artistic ambitions. Using a powerful technique called “The Universal Story”—a four-phase program with easy-to-follow steps and exercises—you’ll learn to identify and dissolve the emotional and energetic blocks that get in the way of your creativity.

With these tips and tools, you’ll have the keys to unlock creative inspiration, intuition, and new ways of seeing yourself and the world—with acceptance, emotional balance, and a tolerance of imperfection.


Martha Alderson (Author)
Martha Alderson, MA, has been exploring and writing about plot and creativity for more than thirty years, and helping writers develop plot and structure, character transformation and change, and pin down universal elements and dynamics in stories... Read more

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“For the last twenty years, Martha Alderson has created invaluable, popular tools to help writers understand the essential components of plot development and storytelling. Now, in Boundless Creativity, she brilliantly applies the principles illuminated in her breakthrough book, The Plot Whisperer, to the creative process. In this clear, inspiring workbook, Alderson lays out the spiritual voyage to higher creativity—illuminating a clear path to inspire and guide anyone with even the hint of a creative dream. If you want to successfully navigate the highs and lows of living a creative life, you’ll want this book as an essential companion.”
Laura Davis, coauthor of The Courage to Heal, author of I Thought We’d Never Speak Again and Wholehearted, and founder of The Writer’s Journey workshops

“Martha Alderson’s new book is an indispensable creative coach whispering, ‘Keep going,’ on every page.”
Holly Lynn Payne, novelist, screenwriter, and founder of Booxby

“Open-minded individuals looking for a road map to realize their creative potential will find this and more within the pages of Boundless Creativity. Prepare for a deep dive within to answer questions about personal fears, misbeliefs, and the origins of self-doubt that may be holding you back, and then learn how to let go of it to live your best creative life.”
Angela Ackerman, coauthor of The Emotion Thesaurus

“A brilliant, thought-provoking resource that serves not only as an inspiration for creative projects, but also as a meditation for writers, filmmakers, and artists ready to dive deep, overcome challenges, and produce their best work. The Plot Whisperer has done it again!”
Hallee Adelman, PhD, author of Way Past Mad, and producer/director of Our American Family

“In Boundless Creativity, Martha Alderson offers an inspiring, much-needed pattern for realizing our creative goals. By aligning our planning with the steps of the Universal Story, she guides us through the pitfalls and triumphs we artists experience as we travel down to the dark caverns and up to the light pinnacles of our creative dreams. Not only does the author share her own revelations, she coaches us through the fears and triumphs we all face while planning and executing a work of art. A workbook to prize, useful for creatives and workshop leaders, as we aim toward personal and professional fulfillment.”
Gini Grossenbacher, MEd, award-winning author of Madam of My Heart and Madam in Silk; editor; speaker; JGKS Press publisher; and director of Elk Grove Writers and Artists, an AWA affiliate

Boundless Creativity demystifies and normalizes the highs and lows of the creative lifecycle. Through a transformational program that Alderson compares to alchemy—‘A ritual of subjecting base metals (the imperfect individual) to scorching fire (challenges and change), burning off the dross (burdens and flaws) and transforming into gold (the fully realized individual)’—she guides us to identify and defang the demons that suck us into that familiar tar pit of self-doubt and creative paralysis. No matter your medium—driftwood, paints, musical notes, flour/flowers, words—Boundless Creativity will lead you back to your belief in the miraculous. Back to your belief in yourself.”
Elaine Taylor, founder of the nonprofit, The Grief Relief Project, for people poleaxed by loss; and author of Karma Deception and a Pair of Red Ferraris

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