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Can Your Relationship Be Saved?

Can Your Relationship Be Saved?
How to Know Whether to Stay or Go



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“The title of this book captures one of the most commonly explored issues that I have dealt with in my office over the past three decades as a practicing clinical psychologist.” Thus begins Dr. Broder's wise and compassionate guide to assessing a faltering love relationship, and answering the fundamental question asked by the book's title. Broder addresses individuals and couples in marriages, or any other type of love relationship or romance -- long- or short-term, and of any sexual orientation. His 40-item "Can Your Relationship Be Saved?" Inventory asks the rights questions. But readers are not left there. The chapters that follow gently guide them in exploration of what is likely to happen if...? What if I go? What if I stay? Readers will find direction in answering those questions for themselves, and the information and strategies to help them act on their decisions. Can Your Relationship Be Saved? speaks—in a warm, unabashedly upbeat and optimistic manner—directly to the painful ambivalence that results when you are unable to determine how you really feel. Broder's guidance is packed with practical road maps and direction finders, avoiding glibness, cliches, pat answers or “someone else's value judgments that will rarely hold up for you in the end.”


Michael S. Broder, PhD, is a psychologist, media personality, author and popular speaker. An acclaimed expert on relationship/lifestyle issues and short-term, results-oriented psychotherapy, he is author of numerous self-help audio programs and... Read more

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“Michael Broder has written another very rational and practical book. He considers almost all... questions that people in relationships can ask themselves about breaking up, and answers them directly and solidly. I would strongly recommend that any person who is ambivalent about his or her relationship read this book. Promptly!”
Albert Ellis, PhD, President, Albert Ellis Institute, New York City, author of Feeling Better, Getting Better, Staying Better

“Partners in unhappy relationships often find themselves unable to decide whether to stay or to go. Dr. Broder tackles this painful ambivalence head on... offers strategies to salvage and rekindle those unions that can be saved, and -- unlike most marriage therapy books -- shows how to part company without guilt or untoward regrets when that is the better option. I encourage therapists to recommend this book to their equivocating clients.”
Arnold A. Lazarus, PhD, author of Marital Myths Revisited

“This superb guide covers every couple's dilemma I've seen in twenty-five years of clinical practice. It's designed to help real couples solve real problems, and provides them with clear, practical action steps to insure their implementation...”
Janet Wolfe, PhD, clinical psychologist, New York City

“...sympathetic but no-nonsense analysis and advice...for people ambivalent about their relationships. Bottom line: thoughtful, nonjudgmental, pointed and thoroughly helpful.”; April 25, 2002

“...useful guide to assessing a relationship, understanding relationship turmoil, working through ambivalence and consequences of staying vs. leaving bad relationships.”
The Tribune, San Luis Obispo, CA; June 2, 2002

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