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Children of the Depressed

Children of the Depressed
Healing the Childhood Wounds That Come from Growing Up with a Depressed Parent




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ISBN: 9781608829644
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About the Book

Have you ever wondered, Why am I so negative? or Why is my life so chaotic? Whether or not your parent was ever formally diagnosed with depression, you've probably always known there was something different about your upbringing. And even though you've grown up and moved on, you may still feel the after-effects of living with your parent's illness.

In Children of the Depressed, a depression expert helps adult children understand and overcome common problems that stem from growing up with a depressed parent, such as poor communication skills and negative self-talk. Using skills and practices rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), you will learn to shed the old dynamics and ways of thinking that have been weighing you down and keeping you from enjoying healthy relationships and the life you deserve.

Most books on depression only focus on getting help for the depressed person. This book is written for you, the adult child of parents with who have struggled with depression. You need emotional healing after a dysfunctional childhood, and most importantly-you need an opportunity for your voice to be heard.

You don't have to become stuck in the past. By identifying and recognizing the feelings you experienced at a young age, you will start laying the groundwork for a happier and healthier life-socially, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.


Shoshana S. Bennett, PhD, is a pioneer in the field of parental depression and its effects on children. A clinical psychologist and media expert, Bennett has inspired and transformed countless lives worldwide through her radio shows... Read more

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Nelson Branco (Foreword by)
Nelson Branco, MD, is a practicing pediatrician in Marin County, CA. He is the managing partner of Tamalpais Pediatrics, and has worked in varied settings providing primary care to children and teens over the past two decades.

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“A well-written, insightful resource offering hope and power to those challenged by the presence of a depressed parent. Children of the Depressed provides readers with the ability to understand and overcome a difficult period. More importantly, it offers a road map to the healing process.”
-Linda O'Connor, freelance writer and host of Parent Talk, a weekly parenting radio show on Timeless FM 102.9 and AM 1230 WECK in Buffalo, NY
“As children, few of us understood the lasting impact that living with a depressed parent would have on our lives. Shoshana S. Bennett demystifies this phenomenon in an easy to understand book that provides not only the understanding of what children experience, but practical steps that lead to lifelong healing.”
-Patricia de Lambert, RN, BS, MA
Children of the Depressed should be required reading for everyone! Shoshana S. Bennett has created a concise, clearly written, and inspirational guidebook. I could relate personally, since my father was bipolar and I was also depressed while raising my children. Thank you, Dr. Shosh, for this unique and timely book.”
-Jane Honikman, MS, cofounder of Postpartum Education for Parents and founder of Postpartum Support International
“Shoshana S. Bennett intimately understands depression and offers other children of depressed parents enlightened ways of getting to a better place. Combine that with insight, practical exercises, and clear therapeutic processes, and you have a book that feels as though it was written while gently holding a child of depressed parents in her loving arms.”
-Suzi Snyder, PhD, lifelong learner and educator who looks to transform lives through a combination of life coaching, Eden Energy Medicine, and ancient feng shui principles
“Lovingly drawing from her personal and clinical experience, [Bennett's book] is a gift to everyone who has had a depressed parent. Shoshana S. Bennett shows how a depressed parent may affect you and how you can heal. Whether you are sixteen or 106-if you think you had or have a depressed parent, this common-sense book can change your life and relationships!”
-Bruce Linton, PhD, director of the Fathers' Forum and the author of Becoming a Dad: How Fatherhood Changes Men
“This book is a must-read for adults who grew up with a depressed parent. Shoshana S. Bennett provides easy-to-understand information and offers realistic hope. The book is filled with practical tools to promote healing.”
-Barbara Grelling, PhD, clinical psychologist in private practice specializing in the treatment of women with perinatal depression and anxiety
Children of the Depressed provides a compassionate, honest, and thoughtful guide for adults who are on a journey of healing the wounds of their childhood. Through stories, clinical research, and experience, Shoshana S. Bennett offers sage advice on how to understand and overcome the consequences of living with a depressed parent. She shines a bright light on the path to living a full and meaningful life. I know many people will be deeply grateful for this book.”
-Rona Renner, RN, temperament counselor, parenting coach, and author of Is That Me Yelling?
“Brilliantly written by the renowned clinical psychologist, Shoshana S. Bennett, Children of the Depressed offers help and hope to those who grew up with a depressed parent. Powerful and inspirational, this book provides eye-opening explanations, real-life examples, and concrete solutions on how to achieve a more meaningful and fulfilling life despite the challenges of childhood.”
-Svetlana Blitshteyn, MD, director and founder of Amherst Neurology and Dysautonomia Clinic and coauthor of POTS: Together We Stand

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