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The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anger

The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anger
A Step-by-Step Program for Success




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About the Book

A radically effective and evidence-based anger management tool—deeply rooted in cutting-edge research

We are living in an age of anger. You hear people squabbling on the news. Reality TV portrays people baiting others into anger. Neighbors are intolerant of neighbors. We see more frustration and intolerance for people with different political views, beliefs, and lifestyles. Anger is everywhere—and it has real risks, including heart disease and depression. So, how can you break free from painful, self-defeating, and dangerous anger traps?

Drawing on the gold standard treatment for anger—cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)—and informed by the no-nonsense approach of rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT), this workbook is chock-full of powerful tools, exercises, and self-assessments to help you overcome destructive anger, once and for all. With this guide, you’ll discover skills for identifying and avoiding needless anger; staying cool when anger heats up; and forging a stronger, more capable, and rational sense of self.

If your anger is getting in the way of your relationships, your career, your health, and your happiness, The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anger can help you take charge of your anger—and your life.


William J. Knaus (Author)
William J. Knaus, EdD, is a licensed psychologist with more than forty-six years of clinical experience working with people suffering from anxiety, depression, and procrastination. He has appeared on numerous regional and national television shows,... Read more

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Robert Alberti (Foreword by)
Robert Alberti, PhD, has received international recognition for his writing and editing, which is often praised as the “gold standard” for psychological self-help. Recently retired from a long career as a psychologist, marriage and family therapist... Read more

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“Where has this magnificent workbook been hiding? Bill Knaus, once again, has given us a highly reader-friendly guide. This time it is about managing anger. It is a crucially important read during this unprecedented period, which has given birth to heightened levels of fear, frustration, and anger. Bravo, Bill Knaus!”
—Barry Lubetkin, PhD, past president of The American Board of Behavioral Psychology, and coauthor of Why Do I Need You to Love Me in Order to Like Myself?

“This user-friendly, five-star book beautifully covers the cognitive and behavioral steps proven to be effective in anger management. Bill Knaus correctly emphasizes one of Albert Ellis’ most significant contributions: the evocative role of low frustration tolerance in emotional distress, and how to reduce anger and distress by increasing frustration tolerance. He describes how you can arrive at a deeply internalized understanding of the seemingly ‘simple’ but rarely arrived at belief that ‘you can’t get through to everyone.’”
—Janet L. Wolfe, PhD, author of What to Do When He Has a Headache, and executive director of the Albert Ellis Institute for more than thirty years

“After I read Bill Knaus’s The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anger, I realized that this is not merely a self-help text to deal with anger. Knaus successfully combines the top scholarship dedicated to this topic with an applied bent accessible to anyone who has anger issues or who consults with clients with anger problems. Undoubtedly, Knaus’s workbook represents a tour de force of penetrating insights, unquestionable scholarship, and practical reasoning.”
—S. Zinaich, Jr., PhD, professor at Purdue University Northwest, author of numerous articles on philosophical counseling, and associate executive director of the National Philosophical Counseling Association

“When I read The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anger, I felt as if Bill Knaus was sitting in a comfortable chair in my living room speaking to me. In language that is easily understood, he explains the thoughts of other great thinkers, from Epictetus to Ellis, and offers remarkably practical ideas about the roots of anger and what works to change old patterns. I love useful books. This is one.”
—Derek Paar, PhD, licensed psychologist, and emeritus professor at Springfield College

The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anger is a gem! More than a mere book, it’s like having a personal anger management coach you can carry in your backpack. Indeed, Bill Knaus’s excellent workbook will provide you with an assortment of anger control methods, strategies, and techniques that are firmly grounded in current scientific knowledge. I will enthusiastically recommend it to my patients and colleagues alike.”
Clifford N. Lazarus, PhD, cofounder and director of The Lazarus Institute, coauthor of The 60-Second Shrink, and expert blogger for Psychology Today

“There is a lot of anger in this world. But that is not a problem. Problems arise if anger fuels destructive behaviors. But it does not have to be. The same destructive anger can be transformed into constructive action. How? That is what Bill Knaus’s beautifully organized and science-based anger workbook is all about. Applying its insights and skills will undoubtedly help make our world and lives safe and sound.”
—Rene F.W. Diekstra, PhD, emeritus professor of youth and development at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, founder and first president of the International Academy for Suicide Research, and coauthor of Adolescent Suicide

“Anger is an emotion increasingly at the forefront of individual and public life in the digital age. Anger harms both the individual experiencing it and others as well. Fortunately, Bill Knaus’s newest work is filled with both novel and tried-and-true approaches to end this scourge. Solidly based on the principles of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and filled with practical examples, it offers the reader tools to better help those struggling with the impact of this emotion on their lives.”
—Ronald Murphy, PhD, practicing psychologist in New York City, NY; senior psychologist at the human sexuality program at LIJ Medical Center; and clinical supervisor of the clinical psychology doctoral program at Teachers College, Columbia University

“Bill Knaus, writing in a highly readable style, shows you how to manage and minimize your anger, giving you creative tools and strategies that have been proven effective in reducing anger. His use of practical and stimulating exercises reinforces the concepts and ideas described in the text. You come away with a better understanding of how your anger is self-created, and how to free yourself from anger excesses. I strongly recommend this informative guide.”
—Allen Elkin, PhD, author of Stress Management for Dummies

“Despite its enduring role in conflicts and emotional distress, anger continues to be poorly addressed. Most who attempt to help others with anger control problems do so without evidenced-based methods. Bill Knaus’s The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anger resolves these deficiencies. Practically anyone can use this guide to understand the origins of anger, discover the triggers that can elicit it, and see how to apply practical tools to cope effectively with anger and anger-related problems. I strongly recommend this book for helping professionals and people wanting sensible self-help solutions to anger problems.”
—Michael Abrams, PhD, ABPP, adjunct full professor at New York University, and author of The New CBT

“Bill Knaus has distilled his decades of clinical experience, teaching, and authoring twenty-five self-help books into this cogent and compelling volume: The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anger! Having facilitated almost 800 SMART Recovery and Inside Out meetings in prisons and jails worldwide, I have concluded that unconstrained anger causes almost as many incarcerations as addictions. This workbook is an accessible and engaging approach to enhancing control of destructive anger.”
—Joseph Gerstein, MD, FACP, clinical assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, and founding president of the SMART Recovery Mutual-Aid Group Program

“Anger is the individual, social, relational, political, and psychological cancer of the contemporary age. Bill Knaus’s workbook is the penultimate cognitive behavioral scalpel to excise this tumor. What is remarkable about his approach is that he individualizes both the situations, categories, and interventions that may be used by clinicians, patients, or readers to be anger management masters. Outstanding!”
—George Morelli, PhD, Center for Cognitive Therapy of North County San Diego

“Bill Knaus is at the forefront of CBT, developing techniques and working alongside its founders, including Albert Ellis, for decades. This workbook is a clear guide to overcoming destructive anger, that tricky and confusing emotion. Bill Knaus has developed a practical, evidence-based program. His new workbook is a wise and encouraging guide to mastering the destructive parts of anger.”
—Nando Pelusi, PhD, cofounder of the Applied Evolutionary Psychology Society (AEPS), and contributing editor at Psychology Today

“Open the book. Bill Knaus brings an insightful, commonsense, wise approach to overcome destructive forms of anger and aggression, and to use anger productively in exasperating times. Try Knaus’s practical hints and experiments to navigate past excessive anger and the complex emotions and cognitions of frustration and stress that often fuse with this emotion. Use the worksheets to stay on track. You can still thrive in exasperating times by putting destructive anger into the rearview mirror of your life.”
—Michael F. Shaughnessy, PhD, professor of psychology at Eastern New Mexico University

“Bill Knaus has taken his self-mastery approach to another key issue—anger. The book provides a simple breakdown of the issues that produce what he calls ‘parasitic anger.’ It provides a series of exercises designed to help a person work through harmful forms of anger with tested methods to guide the reader’s efforts. Although beneficial for self-helpers, this book can be a valuable resource for those combating anger problems in CBT therapy.”
—James W. Thompson, PhD, MBA, retired naval reserve officer who served in the Air Force and Army as an organizational effectiveness officer, clinical psychologist, psychometrist, and rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) therapist

“Bill Knaus has brilliantly tackled what is arguably the world’s biggest problem. Anger is the root cause of enormous human suffering and the primary source of hostility, hatred, bigotry, divorce, assault, murder, and mass destruction. Bill shows how to reduce anger down to a very manageable level. If you choose to eliminate destructive anger from your life, this is the guide to do it. Imagine replacing hostile aggression with elevating the positive potential of our species. What a different world that would be.”
—Vincent E. Parr, PhD, psychologist in private practice in Tampa, FL; and author of You Only Have Four Problems

“This is the workbook you’ve been looking for! All humans have gotten angry at times, but how many have prepared themselves to appropriately manage anger? Bill Knaus has given us all a comprehensive gift—a collection of cognitive behavioral tools to help live more fully and wisely by reducing, or eliminating, the sort of anger that destroys relationships and inner peace. Read the book and see.”
—Deborah Steinberg, MSW, supervisor at the Albert Ellis Institute, coauthor of How to Stick to a Diet, and group facilitator of Judaism and Mindfulness at New Synagogue of Palm Beach in Florida

“Was I the only one who believed in fairness? Did unfairness force me to feel angry? I read two draft chapters on fairness and perspective from this book. I had an epiphany. Unfair things happen. I can’t control that. I can do my best to fix things without expecting perfection. That perspective lowered my anger temperature considerably. I can’t wait to read the rest of the book.”
—LBD, student of self-help

“Bill Knaus’s book overflows with gems, and one of them is learning to assertively motivate others to accede to your requests without infringing on their rights. But first you’ll learn to lower your anger temperature. Pulling together a broad anger literature, his extensive experience helping others with anger problems, and core principles from Albert Ellis’s pioneering REBT, Bill boils down anger causes, forms, and shades, and shows how to free yourself from a lifetime of suffering from irrational anger. Read the book and see.”
—Michael R. Edelstein, PhD, clinical psychologist, author of Three Minute Therapy, and one of the primary postdoctoral fellows in REBT

“Do you want to stop feeling angry? If you do, you’ll find a friendly guide in Bill Knaus as you go on this challenging adventure. You’ll learn wise ways to cut loose from anger, build skills to express yourself well, and live your life free from needless conflicts and stress. What’s next? Pass on what you know to help others ease their anger burdens. Everyone wins when working together.”
—Jack Shannon, EdD, psychologist in private practice in Matawan, NJ; and professor emeritus at Seton Hall University

“Anger can have a devastating impact upon relationships, and also a detrimental effect upon both mental and physical health. In twelve chapters, The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anger provides an exciting, step-by-step self-coaching program to tackle anger head-on. It delivers a straightforward, ABCD framework to modify your anger and destructive behaviors. This workbook includes many useful anger-busting techniques and exercises. These methods could change your life!”
—Stephen Palmer, PhD, professor of practice at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in Wales, UK; and founder director of the Centre for Stress Management in London, England, UK

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