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Liberation Unleashed

Liberation Unleashed
A Guide to Breaking Free from the Illusion of a Separate Self




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ISBN: 9781626258068
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About the Book

Liberation Unleashed introduces you to the process of unraveling the false sense of a separate self at the center of your existence. With insightful metaphors, personal stories, and guided dialogues, this book points directly to our lack of separation and helps you move toward a new, more open reality of selfless bliss. Using the seven clear and focused steps presented, you’ll find liberation in realizing there is no individuated “I” and marvel at the true nature of things.

Author Ilona Ciunaite’s search for the truth began when she first “experienced silence of the thinking mind, a sweet sense of being, contentment, peace,” and “feeling at home.” Driven by a desire to reach that state of oneness once more, her path led her through spiritual writings to the process of deconstruction and non-dual self-inquiry and finally to a peaceful emptiness of not knowing, but of simply being. It’s from that place that Ciunaite cocreated the popular Liberation Unleashed forum—a global Internet-based community helping people see through the illusion of a separate self—and it’s just that sense of unknowing peace she wishes to impart with this book.

Liberation Unleashed is a lively, fresh, and moving account of the author’s own searching, liberation, and transformation, woven together with the stories of fellow seekers and a clear exposition of the simple, focused tools you can use to go through the “gateless gate.” With its conversational tone, provocative questions, and the presentation of the seven steps—“Clearing the path—meeting the fear,” “Strip away ALL expectations,” “Get in touch with the real,” “‘I’ is a thought,” “There is no separate self,” “How does it feel to see this?” and “Falling”—this book serves as an introductory how-to guide, demonstrating how to use the process of self-inquiry to get free from the falseness of the separate self and realize a blissful oneness.

So many of us go through life feeling isolated, searching for ourselves, or seeking a more authentic reality through religion, spirituality, or other, more unconventional means of expanding consciousness. Now, with this book and its guiding principles, you’ll learn how to look deeply into the nature of self and existence; combat the anxieties, fears, mental blocks, and reservations that can arise in self-inquiry; and see the simple beauty of the everyday moment.


Ilona Ciunaite (Author)
Ilona Ciunaite was born in Lithuania. Always interested in the mind and how it works, she has a degree in psychology and a mind-set to focus on freedom for herself and those who find her. Ciunaite lived in the UK for twenty years. Together, she and... Read more

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Liberation Unleashed further documents an exciting new spiritual activity: online peer-to-peer mentoring, no airline tickets required. This book helps move us from the age of the guru to the age of the friend.”
Greg Goode, author of The Direct Path and After Awareness, and coauthor of Emptiness and Joyful Freedom
“As Ilona points out in this wonderful book, there was truly a fire started with the Liberation Unleashed movement that occurred several years ago. I remember it well, as many people flocked to the movement in order to cut a path straight to liberation. In many ways, the movement has revolutionized the way people consider liberation these days. The pointing is very direct and leaves out a lot of unnecessary spiritual stuff. I’ve known many people who found it to be tremendously helpful. And the fire of the movement is still burning strong with this powerful book by Ilona. Highly recommended.”
Scott Kiloby, CEO of The Kiloby Center for Recovery
“In this book, Ilona’s honesty and integrity shine through. In a world of gurus vying for your devotion and money, Ilona’s new book is refreshingly different. In ordinary language, completely free of pretense, she invites you to take a look for yourself and discover whether your assumptions are true. She skillfully guides you through an investigation that may reveal a shocking clarity that you are not what you thought. I enjoyed this book.”
Joey Lott, author of The Best Thing That Never Happened

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Those who have had an awakening are almost always unable to transmit it to others. It defies all logic that this should be true, yet it is. Ilona is an exception. It's as if she was eating Mars bars along the way and retraced her steps by following the trail of wrappers. She tested this method out on others and it worked, quickly and with a high success rate. This method works best with guiding by someone who has been through it (and there's a free website where you can be guided) but there have been many cases of people awakening by themselves. This book is the first comprehensive explanation of this simple method. It clearly describes the problem - the "I virus" - and all the steps to deconstruct it, illustrated with with several transcripts of guiding sessions. What more needs to be said?