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The Anorexia Recovery Skills Workbook

The Anorexia Recovery Skills Workbook
A Comprehensive Guide to Cope with Difficult Emotions, Embrace Self-Acceptance, and Prevent Relapse




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ISBN: 9781626259348
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About the Book

If you have anorexia, there is hope for a full recovery. The Anorexia Recovery Skills Workbook offers an integrated and comprehensive program to help you rebuild a healthy relationship with food, gain a sense of autonomy and independence, develop a sense of self-worth and self-esteem, and set healthy goals for the future.

If you have anorexia, it can be difficult to see yourself clearly, even after treatment. That’s why it’s so important for you to have resources available to prevent relapse. Written by three psychologists and experts in eating disorders, this important guide provides evidence-based skills blending acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to help you recover—and stay on the path to recovery.

Each chapter of this workbook focuses on a theme—each important to fostering and maintaining recovery from anorexia, including: managing treatment and maintaining progress, creating and maintaining a therapeutic team, rebuilding healthy relationships and decreasing investment in unhealthy relationships, and gaining a sense of autonomy. Additionally, you’ll gain insight into your anorexia, learn why it’s all about control—and learn how to gain real control in healthier aspects of life.

Finally, this workbook addresses developing healthy goals related to eating, as well as career, academic, and recreational goals to assist in leading a fulfilling life. You’ll learn to take time for self-care, plan for challenging and difficult times throughout recovery, and maintain changes in behavior and thought patterns, such as awareness and tolerance of negative emotions, reaching out for help when needed, and effective communication.

If you have anorexia, are in treatment for anorexia, or trying to maintain recovery, this compassionate, comprehensive resource provides powerful, proven-effective tools to help you stay healthy in body and mind.


Catherine L. Ruscitti, PsyD, is a licensed psychologist and primary therapist at the Eating Recovery Center of Houston. She completed her predoctoral and postdoctoral training with Baylor College of Medicine at The Menninger Clinic in Houston, TX.... Read more

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Jeffrey E. Barnett, PsyD, ABPP, is associate dean for graduate programs and the social sciences and professor in the department of psychology at Loyola University Maryland, and a licensed psychologist in independent practice in Baltimore, MD. He has... Read more

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Rebecca A. Wagner, PhD, is clinical director of the Eating Recovery Center in Houston, TX. She is a voluntary faculty member at Baylor College of Medicine in the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences. Prior to her role at the Eating... Read more

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Craig Johnson (Foreword by)
Craig Johnson, PhD, CEDS, FAED, is currently chief science officer at the Family Institute for Eating Recovery Center in Denver, CO, and clinical professor of psychiatry at University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. He has been a National Institute... Read more

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“The path to recovery in anorexia is often confusing and convoluted. The Anorexia Recovery Skills Workbook provides a structured map for this arduous journey. It provides hope and practical tools for recovery, while acknowledging the difficulty of the recovery process and giving permission for struggle. Clinicians and clients will find this book to be an integral part of treatment for this complex eating disorder.”
—Nicole Siegfried, PhD, clinical director at The Highlands-Castlewood Treatment Centers

“This workbook is a practical and helpful tool for individuals working towards recovery from anorexia nervosa. The inspirational quotes, case examples, and ample opportunities for self-reflection make it user friendly and also quite personalized. I commend the authors for providing another, and much-needed, contribution to the tool kits of eating disorders treatment.”
Ovidio Bermudez, MD, chief clinical officer and medical director of child and adolescent services at the Eating Recovery Center

The Anorexia Recovery Skills Workbook is a wise, compassionate, and comprehensive book! I just wish it had appeared on the shelves many years ago, so I could have used it when I was struggling. I highly recommend this book!”
—Jenni Schaefer, author of Goodbye Ed, Hello Me and coauthor of Almost Anorexic and Life Without Ed

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As someone who has been through multiple treatments and now in a recovery where I must stay on my toes and dedicated to protect it - this book is full of the lessons that got me out of the depths of my eating disorder and provides resources to go back and reground or remember what works and what I need at different times. I highly recommend this for individuals fighting to get out of the darkness for the first time with easy to understand and implement pieces that can build together (especially with the combo of treatment types included), then for those in recovery, this is an amazing resource to continue to build on the foundation to get stronger and face challenges. A must have for anyone who has ever struggled with anorexia and for those who work with those of us who fight this everyday!