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Outsmart Your Smartphone

Outsmart Your Smartphone
Conscious Tech Habits for Finding Happiness, Balance, and Connection IRL




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ISBN: 9781684033492
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About the Book

Do you have "smartphone syndrome?" This refreshingly honest how-to guide will help you find balance and build meaningful connections in a screen-obsessed world.

Do you spend hours every day on your smartphone or tablet? Reading the news, shopping for clothes, checking your email, and catching up on social media? Do you scroll through blog articles and text with your friends while waiting in line at the DMV or the grocery store, avoiding any chance interactions with actual human beings? If so, you aren’t alone. Most of us are stuck on a hedonic treadmill of push-button notifications, friend updates, and text messages. But the real question is—are we happy? And, if not, how can we increase our happiness in the age of tech?

Outsmart Your Smartphone is not a book about the evils of technology—it’s a road map for achieving happiness using all the tools available to you, including your phone. With this smart and irreverent guide, you’ll find seven steps to help you use technology in ways that increase your well-being, and find tips and tricks for overcoming the obstacles that technology creates. You’ll also learn to:

  • Reconnect with your values, including kindness and gratitude
  • Find your purpose in life—and then live it
  • Use technology to do good things in the world
  • Be fully present in each moment using mindfulness


Our technology crazed, social media-obsessed world does nothing if not make us more self-focused. This book will help you harness the power of that focus and magnify your happiness, for yourself and the greater good. You don’t even have to throw out your phone!


Tchiki Davis (Author)
Tchiki Davis, PhD, is a technology consultant, writer of the blog Click Here for Happiness for Psychology Today, and cocreator of online programs that have helped more than a million people worldwide find balance and joy.

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Melanie Greenberg (Foreword by)
Melanie Greenberg, PhD, is a practicing psychologist and executive coach in Marin County, CA, and an expert on managing stress, health, and relationships using proven techniques from neuroscience, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT... Read more

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“Honest, cogent, practical, and deep, Outsmart Your Smartphone addresses an issue at the forefront of nearly every parent’s and every young adult’s worry list—that is, has my smartphone outsmarted me? Through a step-by-step, sensitive, evidence-based approach, Davis challenges the reader by suggesting do-able strategies to enhance real connections, foster positive life skills, and reduce undue reliance on those rectangular, ‘intelligent’ objects that dominate our lives. Highly recommended.”
—Stephen Hinshaw, PhD, professor in the department of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley; professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco; and author of Another Kind of Madness

“Our smartphones are making us miserable, yet we increasingly need them to navigate our lives. How can we prioritize happiness, balance, and connection, despite this tech? That’s where happiness psychologist and researcher Tchiki Davis comes in. She shares seven game-changing steps we can take to lead happier lives with our smartphones. Through stories of her own and others’ experiences, along with insights from brain science and behavioral research, Tchiki empowers us to build a healthier relationship with our smartphone.”
Gayle Allen, EdD, MBA, CEO of The Innovators’ Circle, and host of the Curious Minds podcast

“Put down your smartphone, and pick up this book! Masterfully written, this guide by Tchiki Davis is truly a gem! This is the first book in the happiness domain I’ve read that actually provides real and practical skills you can implement into your life this instant. In addition to the outstanding research and empirically driven ideas this book offers, Davis has a voice that is witty, highly relatable, and deeply empathic. She is the perfect coach to help any of us overcome our smartphone addictions, and becoming a more well-balanced and happier individual. Thank you, Tchiki Davis!”
Goali Saedi Bocci, PhD, adjunct professor at Pepperdine’s graduate school of education and psychology; and author of The Social Media Workbook for Teens and the Digital Detox Card Deck

“This book applies nuggets of wisdom and much of the self-help literature to a modern problem that affects almost all of us. If you want to own your smartphone instead of it owning you, reading Outsmart Your Smartphone is a great place to start!”
—Stephen M. Kosslyn, PhD, president and CEO of Foundry College

“It will take an army to conquer technology abuse. In her new book, Tchiki Davis proves herself as a worthy captain of the cause. Well researched, prescriptive, and practical, Outsmart Your Smartphone is not only good medicine, it’s a good read.”
Blake Snow, online journalist, off-line advocate, and author of Log Off

“This actionable, easy-to-understand guide gives you the tools you need to get back in charge of a tool that’s taken over many of our lives: our mobile phones. Read it and you’ll have a clear path to reclaiming time that slips away, redirecting yourself toward what matters, and setting a good example for all of those people around you who are also drawn more and more into their mobile phones. Read it!”
—Ellen Petry Leanse, best-selling author of The Happiness Hack, and chief people officer at Lucidworks

“Tchiki Davis tackles the complex relationship between our smartphones and being happy. With solid research, crisp advice, and personal stories, Outsmart Your Smartphone goes beyond the standard self-help patter to provide a thoughtful guide to living with your smartphone in a way that doesn’t make you unhappy or crazy.”
—Victor J. Strecher, PhD, MPH, professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Health

“Many of us have the sinking feeling that modern technologies are undermining our relationships, our focus, and, ultimately, our happiness. But Tchiki Davis shows us that it doesn’t have to be that way. With great candor and insight, she deftly walks us through sensible, research-based steps to reclaim our sense of purpose and equanimity in the digital age. Outsmart Your Smartphone will help you realize that you’re not alone in your struggles with technology—and gently guide you toward healthier relationships with your devices, with other people, and with yourself.”
—Jason Marsh, editor in chief and director of programs at the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley

“What if technology could support, rather than undermine, our health and well-being? In this well-researched, honest, and accessible guide, Tchiki Davis pulls together the best evidence from the field of positive psychology about the real drivers of human happiness—living with purpose, kindness to others, meaningful social connection—and shares simple actions you can take today to take back your attention, live with intention, and get technology on your side. For anyone who’s ever thought, “I’ll just quickly check my phone,” and lost an hour (or more!), this book is for us.”
Jana Haritatos, PhD, vice president of research at Hopelab Foundation

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Whenever I read one of Dr. Davis’ books, I come away with a better understanding of myself. She offers perceptive exercises throughout her books, which can be eye-opening and conducive to maintaining (or regaining) more positive personal attitudes and healthier psychological responses within a sometimes dark and troubling world. Modern technologies (especially social media and smart phones) have been both a blessing and a curse, for although they have expanded our ability to connect with people and information across the globe, at the same time they have increased our feelings of alienation and estrangement, which have resulted in greater loneliness and general unhappiness. This book directly addresses this outcome by illuminating the technological situation, offering self-help exercises to lessen addictive cell-phone tendencies, and suggesting restorative practices to help us regain control over our time, our live relationships, and ourselves. Reading this book may help you become happier. It will certainly facilitate more self-awareness over how to interact consciously with modern technology.