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Defusing the High-Conflict Divorce

Defusing the High-Conflict Divorce
A Treatment Guide for Working with Angry Couples




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About the Book

It has been estimated that nearly twenty percent of the one million divorces each year in the U.S. involve high-conflict relationships. Angry, emotional disputes related to custody, parenting time, child support payments, visitation and more may go on for years. Who suffers? The children, mostly. Post-divorce conflict may be the most significant factor in adjustment (or maladjustment) for children of divorce. Defusing the High-Conflict Divorce offers a unique set of proven programs for quelling the hostility in high-conflict co-parenting couples, and ”defusing“ their prolonged, bitter and emotional struggles.


Bernard Gaulier (Author)
Bernard Gaulier, PhD, is director of the Court Psychological Clinic (Family Division of the Circuit Court, Oakland County, Michigan). As a forensic psychologist in the field of juvenile justice and custody disputes, he has conducted numerous... Read more

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Judith Margerum (Author)
Judith Margerum, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and co-director of the Michigan Family Institute. Dr. Margerum received her doctorate from the University of Detroit and has over 20 years' experience working with families experiencing difficult... Read more

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Jerome Price (Author)
Jerome A. Price, MA, is the director and founder of the Michigan Family Institute. A Regional Faculty Member for the Family Therapy Institute of Washington, D.C., he is a well-known supervisor and strategic therapist consulting for mental health... Read more

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James Windell (Author)
James Windell, MA, is a court psychologist at the Oakland County (Michigan) Circuit Court where he conducts group therapy with adolescent delinquents and treats high-conflict divorce couples. He is the author of several parenting and medical books,... Read more

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“Readers will benefit from encountering numerous ways to understand and navigate there treacherous clinical dilemmas...”
Brad Sachs, PhD, psychologist, author, The Good Enough Child

“..not only an excellent work but a badly needed work.”
Eugene Arthur Moore, Judge of Probate, Circuit Court of the County of Oakland, Michigan

“...useful to anyone who is working with a high-conflict couple dealing with long-standing issues”
PsycCritiques,APA Review of Books, October 2007

“... This is a helpful resource and readable book for professionals in all disciplines...”
The Family Journal, April 2008

“...marvelous guide...”
Library Journal, November 2006

“A must read for every attorney, judge, mediator, and everyone in the mental health field...”
Cloe Madanes,aAuthor, Sex, Love and Violence and The Secret Meaning of Money

“As a judge...I was appreciative of the authors tackling several controversial aspects of high-conflict divorce head on. This book will help all of us.”
Joan E. Young , Circuit County Judge, Family Division, Oakland County, Michigan

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