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The Depression Solutions Workbook

The Depression Solutions Workbook
A Strengths and Skills-Based Approach




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About the Book

Because depression depletes motivation and self-esteem, it can trap you in a vicious circle-though you want to escape how you're feeling, it seems impossible to work up the energy to change.

Using solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), and motivational interviewing, The Depression Solutions Workbook will help motivate you to combat the negative beliefs you have about yourself and end the self-destructive behaviors that sink you further into depression. This potent three-part approach will help you learn to identify your strengths, encourage you to take action, and teach you new coping skills. Once you're able to harness these new skills and enhance your existing strengths, you'll have the tools you need to make a positive and lasting change.

Build Strengths
Create a personal set of depression solutions based on your hidden resources and strengths.

Build Motivation
Find out how depression and other negative behaviors are hurting you and take a closer look at the benefits of overcoming them.

Build Skills
Dissolve negative thoughts and feelings, improve your relationships, and recognize your depression triggers.


Jacqueline Corcoran, PhD, is a professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work in Alexandria, VA. She has authored and coauthored many books on evidence and strengths-based models, including Clinical Applications of Evidence-... Read more

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The Depression Solutions Workbook includes tested methods for overcoming depression and is a tremendous resource for clinicians and clients alike.
—Thorana S. Nelson, Ph.D., professor of family therapy at Utah State University

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