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Dismantling the Fantasy

Dismantling the Fantasy
An Invitation to the Fullness of Life




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About the Book

If you move into the deepest teachings of any great spiritual tradition, at some point you must move beyond the tradition itself and any idea of enlightenment. What is it that remains when the spiritual path, and even enlightenment, is transcended? Dismantling the Fantasy is a consideration of the movement out of thought itself. This may sound extreme or even impossible, but again it is a simple consideration of our potential, and you can easily understand it from the life experience you already have.


Darryl Bailey (Author)
Darryl Bailey was drawn to meditation at the age of fourteen. He spent the next seventeen years exploring awareness and concentration practices from Christian, Hindu, Sufi, Taoist, Buddhist, and Western psychology sources. He then spent a further... Read more

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“Darryl Bailey writes very beautifully and with tremendous clarity and simplicity, bound by no tradition or dogma, inviting open exploration and discovery. He shows you that in reality there is no separation or solidity, that the separate self with individual free will is an illusion, that everything is as it is and could not be otherwise: 'Whatever we are now, whatever we're doing now, is an inexplicable movement accomplishing itself. Nothing can be added to it and nothing can be taken away from it." I find Darryl's writing refreshingly clean, crystal clear, unpretentious, simple, radical (to the root), and poetic. This is one of the finest books on non-duality I have come across.”
Joan Tollifson, author of Bare Bones Meditation and Awake in the Heartland.

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