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Divorce Helpbook for Kids

Divorce Helpbook for Kids




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ISBN: 9781886230392
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About the Book

It's in the news every day: divorce is tough on kids. MacGregor knows how tough, and she has prepared a down-to-earth guide that genuinely helps. Included are discussions of many topics troubling kids when their parents divorce: reasons parents get divorced; ways the divorce will change kids' lives; kids' feelings about divorce; things kids can do to help them feel better; who to talk to; what's likely to happen next. This is not just a book for kids about divorce, though. It's a book about life after divorce, too. The kids in MacGregor's book are dealing with visitation and custody and straddling two households and making it all work. Maybe it isn't easy, but it is possible and it is necessary. Recommended for children ages 8-12. Contains a newly updated resources guide for parents and children and a “Note to Parents” by Hugh R. Leavell, PhD, author of The One-Minute Therapist, and Palm Beach Post columnist.


Cynthia MacGregor is the author of nearly 50 books for parents and children, many with a focus on helping kids through difficult situations. A divorced mother herself, she helped her own daughter (now an adult) cope with parental divorce, and brings... Read more

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“This is an essential book to be read by both parents and their children separately and together. It will enable each child and his or her parents to experience the divorce as a joint learning process toward greater personal growth. The inclusion of a ‘Bill of Rights for Children Whose Parents Are Divorced,’ the ‘Glossary: What All Those Bog Words Mean,’ and ‘Resources for Parents and Children’ can be of enormous help to divorced families.”
Mel Krantzler, PhD, author, The New Creative Divorce

The Divorce Helpbook for Kids is an excellent book to help young people understand what the family is going through. It explains legal terms such as custody and helps the child to know what to expect and how to behave to avoid problems... The wealth of information and healthy suggestions will save the family many pitfalls, heartbreak and pain.”
Pat Palmer, EdD, author, I Wish I Could Hold Your Hand, co-author, Teen Esteem

“...I shared the book with my 12-year old daughter... She agrees that the suggestions (in this book) would be invaluable to children facing a part of their lives which is hard, but not impossible.”
Barbara Walton, Attorney at Law, author, 101 Little Instructions for Surviving Your Divorce

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