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Everyday Bliss for Busy Women

Everyday Bliss for Busy Women
Energy Balancing Secrets for Complete Health and Vitality




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About the Book

After rushing through your morning routine, dropping the kids off at school, completing your responsibilities at the office, and handling other daily duties, it's really no wonder that you feel drained at the end of the day. It is possible, though, to find room in even the most hectic schedule to enjoy life moment-by-moment and refocus on the goals that matter most to you.

This book shows you how to stop living at warp speed and reclaim your life for yourself. You'll learn how to use cutting-edge energy psychology techniques and the power of intention to:

  • Create a beautiful private space to escape stress and invite bliss
  • Recharge throughout the day using the same quick, simple routines used by elite energy coaches
  • Reduce mental clutter through deliberate acts of focused intention

Don't settle for just keeping your head above water and getting everything done. You deserve to find focus, balance, and everyday bliss. With what you'll learn in this book, you can.


Maryam Webster (Author)
Maryam Webster, M.Ed., enjoyed her career as a transpersonal psychotherapist and practitioner of energy psychology for twenty years, then retrained as a personal performance coach. She merged powerful energy psychology techniques with high-... Read more

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This powerfully written book will give you the practical tools to live life to its fullest and still maintain your sanity! It is what every working woman is looking for in today's world of crazy schedules, unreasonable demands, and unrealistic expectations. Renewing your energy and focus with the ideas from Everyday Bliss for Busy Women will change your life and help you avoid self-destruction from toxic stress.
—Charles D. Schmitz, Ph.D., and Elizabeth A. Schmitz, Ph.D., authors of Golden Anniversaries

Maryam Webster has written an exceptionally positive book filled with practical techniques to help you decrease stress and increase your bliss. She offers succinct descriptions of several simple nd powerful energy psychology techniques, including emotional freedom techniques (EFT), the Tapas acupressure technique (TAT), and the ZPoint Process. Apply this wisdom and enjoy your bliss.
—Fred Gallo, Ph.D., author of Energy Tapping and Energy Tapping for Trauma

Everyday Bliss for Busy Women is packed with practical techniques that can be easily understood and put into practice right away to improve health and provide balance. While it is written with the well-being of women in mind, it has a lot of useful how-tos for anyone. I highly recommend it.
—Tim Hallbom, director of training at the Neurolinguistic Programming and Coaching Institute of California

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