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An Extraordinary Absence

An Extraordinary Absence
Liberation in the Midst of a Very Ordinary Life
Foreword by Kriben Pillay, Introduction by Philip Pegler




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ISBN: 9780956309105
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About the Book

Jeff Foster invites you to forget everything you know, everything you've been taught, everything you've ever read about spiritual awakening, Oneness, enlightenment, nonduality and Advaita, and to consider a new possibility: the possibility of absolute freedom, right now, right here in the midst of this very ordinary life. Using everyday language and drawing on both personal experience and age-old wisdom, Jeff shares the possibility that all the seeking and longing of the mind can come to an absolute end with the falling-away of the sense of being a separate individual, and a plunge into unconditional love. And in that plunge—which is totally beyond anything you have ever imagined—this so-called ordinary life reveals its great Secret. Written with stunning clarity and aliveness, this book is a love letter to the exhausted spiritual seeker who is simply longing to come Home.


Jeff Foster (Author)
Jeff Foster studied astrophysics at Cambridge University. A severe depression then propelled him into a spiritual search that ended with the discovery that he had only ever been seeking life itself. He presently holds meetings, retreats, and private... Read more

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