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e-books FAQs

How do I access the e-books I bought through your site?

Any e-books you have purchased through this site are available for download from your My Downloads account page. You can view your order at your Order History account page. Sign in to your account at any time to review your orders, download e-books and accessories, and register New Harbinger books purchased at newharbinger.com or elsewhere.

I downloaded an e-book from New Harbinger and got a “file corrupted” message. What’s the deal?

If you download an e-book from the New Harbinger website and got a, "file corrupted" message when you tried to open the file, check the extension of your file. It will end in either “.pdf” or “.epub”. Make sure you are using the correct application for your file.

It’s also possible that there was an interruption in your Wi-Fi, data stream, or internet connection when you downloaded the file. Please try it again.

What’s the difference between PDF and ePub?

Our PDF e-books are identical to our paper books; page for page. They include images of the front and back covers, and they have navigable tables of contents and bookmarks. In order to view our PDF e-books, you'll need PDF-viewing software. You can download Adobe Reader for Mac or Windows for free.

We also make many of our e-books available in ePub format, an open-source file format that uses re-flowable, re-sizeable text. If you choose this format you need to have a reading application/plugin or an eReading device to view the books. You can download Adobe's Digital Editions for Mac or Windows for free.

What e-book formats do you offer?

New Harbinger’s site offers both PDF and ePub formats.

Can I get both formats for the price of one?

Absolutely. For one price of one title, you can get either or both the PDF and ePub formats of your e-book (when they are both offered and available). 

What about exchanges and returns?

If you have a problem with an e-book purchased from New Harbinger, please contact us, and we'll be happy to help you resolve it. Please note that we may limit e-book exchanges and returns at our discretion.

I’m using an iPhone. How do I get my PDF or ePub directly onto my phone?

You can easily add PDF or ePub files that you purchase directly from New Harbinger to your iPhone or iPad. One option is to simply download the file directly on your mobile device, choosing to open the file with iBooks when prompted.

You may also: 

  1. Download your purchase from a laptop or desktop computer. 
  2. Email it to yourself. 
  3. Open the email on your phone or tablet.
  4. Open the file using iBooks.

Visit our My Downloads FAQs for more information.

What about updates and accessories?

If you buy your e-books directly through the New Harbinger website, you gain automatic access to accessories that we've made available to go along with your books. These may include: printable worksheets, audio and video files, and supplemental materials. You can check our bookstore to find out which titles come with accessories. Search for a title and go to the book page. If you see a blue “Free Accessories” button below the book cover, that means there are accessory files available to download or videos to watch. Register the book to your account to get access. 

Visit our Accessories FAQs for more information

Will I get automatic updates?

We cannot automatically deliver corrected versions of e-books to your device. Some of our partners provide this service, but others do not. We do deliver corrected files, when necessary, to our customers’ accounts, and to all our partners, however. If you think your book's version is out of date, please contact your retailer to find out about receiving the corrected version. You can access any accessories for your book by adding your purchases to our book registry.

Visit our Accessories FAQs for more information

Where can I purchase New Harbinger e-books?

You can buy e-books directly from our site, as well as through most major retailers, including: Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony, and more.

What are the advantages to buying directly from newharbinger.com?

If you purchase directly from newharbinger.com you can save your e-books to any of your devices, download them again easily if you lose a device. In addition, when you buy e-books directly from our site you gain access to any accessory content or updates that might be available for them.