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The Feminist Handbook

The Feminist Handbook
Practical Tools to Resist Sexism and Dismantle the Patriarchy




The Social Justice Handbook Series

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ISBN: 9781684033805
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About the Book

It’s time to fight back! With this intersectional handbook, you’ll discover practical, everyday tips and tools to help you resist sexism, smash the patriarchy, and create a better world for yourself and future generations.

From reproductive rights and the wage gap to #MeToo and #TimesUp—gender inequality permeates nearly every aspect of our culture. From birth and on through adulthood, the message that our sexist society sends to women and girls is clear: you’re not enough. You’re not valued enough to get paid the same salary as a man with the same job title. You’re not worthy enough or perfect enough to be taken seriously or respected. You’re not responsible enough to make decisions about your body or reproductive rights.

These negative messages are internalized on a deep psychological level. In fact, the effects of sexism are directly represented in the high rates of anxiety, depression, sleep problems, and eating disorders among women and girls—and these effects are even more severe for queer women, disabled women, and women of color. Isn’t it time you said ENOUGH?

This revolutionary feminist self-help guide offers real tools you can use to:

  • Combat the effects of discrimination and gender/race inequality
  • Improve your self-confidence, gain self-esteem, and build resilience
  • Actively resist internalized negative messages you’ve received while living in an openly sexist, patriarchal culture


Most self-help books teach you how to transform your life from the inside out. But what can you do when your distress is caused by sexist institutionalized power structures, attitudes, and events that are outside of your control? This book will help you untangle the role that sexism and discrimination plays in your life, your mental health, and your overall sense of well-being. Most importantly, you’ll learn to reject negative messages and work toward creating lasting change through activism and community.

There’s a lot of work to do. This book will help you get started now.


Joanne L. Bagshaw, PhD, is an award-winning professor of psychology and women’s studies at Montgomery College. She is also an ASSECT-certified sex therapist with a private practice in Maryland, where she lives with her husband and daughter. Joanne... Read more

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Soraya Chemaly (Foreword by)
Soraya Chemaly is an award-winning writer and activist whose work focuses on the role of gender in culture, politics, religion, and media. She is the author of Rage Becomes Her, the Director of the Women's Media Center Speech Project and an advocate... Read more

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“This book comes at the perfect time. This is a guide for women and men, young and old, with tools for everyone—educators, policy makers, therapists, and anyone who wants to navigate oppressive patriarchy—to find specific ways to handle the workplace, health care, education, or deal with their own personal relationships. Everyone should read this book to heal and move forward, to create a new society, empowered and stronger for it.”
Tammy Nelson, PhD, director of the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute, TEDx speaker, and author of The New Monogamy

The Feminist Handbook is not only chock-full of information, but also has activities that the reader can personalize for many of the major points. This guided, experiential focus will help the reader really incorporate various issues from a feminist perspective.”
Judith Belmont, MS, author of Embrace Your Greatness

“This unique book challenges you to change yourself in order make changes in the world around you. By integrating feminist scholarship with personal reflection and behavioral strategies, the reader will find ways to express their values and prioritize self-care. This is a must-read for those who want to express their voice and work for social justice, while nurturing themselves and their relationships in the process.”
Sheela Raja, PhD, associate professor and clinical psychologist at the University of Illinois at Chicago, author of Overcoming Trauma and PTSD, and coauthor of The PTSD Survival Guide for Teens and The Sexual Trauma Workbook for Teen Girls

The Feminist Handbook is a must-read for anyone who wants to gain self-awareness and take action to improve the lives of women (and men). Joanne Bagshaw has given an important gift to the world—a powerful, accessible, and actionable guide to intersectional feminism.”
Julie de Azevedo Hanks, PhD, LCSW, author of The Assertiveness Guide for Women, owner of Wasatch Family Therapy, and assistant professor of social work at Utah Valley University

“In the times of #blacklivesmatter, #metoo, and #timesup, Joanne Bagshaw gives us a gift where we can deeply explore the connections of intersectional feminism to our lived experiences. Patriarchy has long outlived itself, and Bagshaw provides step-by-step learning for how to resist, engage in body liberation, and work for sexual and reproductive justice.”
Anneliese Singh, PhD, LPC, professor and associate dean of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the University of Georgia; and author of The Racial Healing Handbook and The Queer and Transgender Resilience Workbook

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