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Freedom from Anxious Thoughts and Feelings

Freedom from Anxious Thoughts and Feelings
A Two-Step Mindfulness Approach for Moving Beyond Fear and Worry




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ISBN: 9781684032327
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About the Book

A ridiculously easy, breakthrough approach to practicing mindfulness.

If you suffer from anxiety and experience racing, panicky thoughts, you need help right away. You’ve probably heard about mindfulness, and how effective it can be in easing anxiety and worry—but how do you do it, exactly?

In this go-to guide, psychologist Scott Symington presents a practical, breakthrough approach called the two-screen method to help when painful thoughts feel overwhelming. Using this simplified mindfulness approach, you’ll learn to accept and redirect your thoughts and focus on your values. By using the two-screen method outlined in this book, as well as the three anchors—mindfulness skills, healthy distractions, and loving action—you’ll learn to relate to your thoughts and feelings in a whole new way. And when threats, fears, insecurities, and potentially destructive thoughts and feelings show up, you’ll have a game plan for dealing with these difficult emotions so you can get back to living your life.

If you have anxiety, being present with your negative thoughts is probably the last thing you want to do. That’s why the two-screen method in this book is so helpful—it offers a way to diffuse from your anxious thoughts while still focusing on the things that really matter to you.


Scott Symington (Author)
Scott Symington, PhD, is a clinical psychologist who is dedicated to helping adults overcome worry and anxiety, negative moods, addictive behaviors, and other conditions stealing people’s joy and freedom. In addition to a full-time private practice... Read more

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“Scott Symington tackles an important topic that affects almost 20 percent of all people at any given time—anxiety. In this easy-to-read book, he guides the reader through an innovative approach called the Two-Screen Method, where we learn how to deal with worries visually, and apply mindfulness principles when we need it the most. Through specific steps and well-told client stories, the readers are provided with a blueprint to ease themselves from their own anxious patterns and break the loop of fears that hold them back from achieving advancement, peace, and better relationships. A must-read for anyone!”
—Karen J. Miller, PhD, clinical neuropsychologist and health sciences professor at the University of California, Los Angeles

“It is rare that a new book actually presents a truly new thought, perspective, or tool. Scott Symington’s Freedom from Anxious Thoughts and Feelings does all three; his groundbreaking Two-Screen Method for dealing with anxiety is broadly applicable and effective. We use his approach regularly in working with clients who are struggling with sexual issues. We find it is a tool that people can easily visualize and apply in order to accept, but put aside, interfering emotions while focusing on and pursuing spiritually sound, relationship-enhancing, and life-giving goals.”
—Clifford and Joyce Penner, sexual therapists, educators, and authors of The Gift of Sex

“Scott Symington’s remarkable book is apt to enhance the emotional well-being of anyone who simply reads it through carefully one time. For those who wish to gain the best possible benefit of the book, he provides the tools. This is no theoretical work or an extended sales pitch for starting therapy. Symington is confident that most readers who suffer from anxiety, worry, or depression will significantly enhance the quality of their inner lives by diligently following his Two-Screen Method guidelines for about twelve weeks. He makes a convincing case and offers tremendous hope in an overly stressed world.”
—Anthony J. Mulkern, PhD, president of Mulkern Associates

“Scott Symington’s Two-Screen Method combines several years of clinical therapeutic experience with the practical skills of mindfulness training to provide a process that creates internal psychological space within the person, which allows for the growth and development that permits us to be free of anxious thoughts and feelings. This method visually guides us toward self-acceptance by challenging distorted views of our identity, so that we can live in the present moment and find our true self and ultimate value.”
James A. Van Slyke, PhD, associate professor in the department of psychology at Fresno Pacific University, and author of The Cognitive Science of Religion

“Scott Symington has done a masterful and creative job in synthesizing psychological research and clinical practice into a book that is relatable, easy to understand, practical, and easy to apply. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to both therapists and their clients, as well as anyone interested in acquiring effective tools for dealing with anxiety. Indeed, freedom from problematic anxious thoughts and feelings is possible. I expect many lives will be profoundly impacted by this book.”
Paul Lo, PhD, clinical psychologist and chief of the Mental Health Clinic Section at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System, Los Angeles, CA

“Scott Symington uses captivating imagery to not just tell, but vividly show how to change your relationship with anxiety. The two-step approach in this book is a powerful way to evade the clutches of anxiety, and then use the momentum to experience life more deeply and take action to live your best life. I personally use this practice regularly and teach it to my clients who are delighted by how simple and profound it is.”
—Jeanette Lantz, PhD, BCB, founder and director of Cognitive Behavior Therapy Northwest

“Living as we do in a world of fear and anxiety, Scott Symington gives us a powerful tool to face, accept, and move beyond these pervasive forces inside and around us. This book is a practical, realistic, and transformative guide. Read it, practice it, and find freedom.”
—Mark Labberton, PhD, MDiv, president of Fuller Theological Seminary

“With this book, Scott Symington shares the secrets he has unlocked through years of real-world clinical experience with a wide variety of anxious clients. A unique combination of time-tested therapeutic techniques coupled with innovative practices, his Two-Screen Method is a valuable addition to the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) tool chest. The easy-to-follow explanations and recommendations will open readers up to a world of sweet relief as they move through the steps and shed the fears that have held them hostage. As you climb the Freedom Ladder, prepare to trade in your exhausting anxieties for a new set of positive, life-affirming beliefs that will carry you forward into a happier ever after.”
—Susanne Whatley, news host on NPR affiliate KPCC in Los Angeles, CA

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There is a bright light in this book for everyone. If you have anxious thoughts, depressed moments, or temptations that plague you, the author’s Two Screen Method (TSM) can guide you in the steps that lead not only to freedom, but to an enhanced quality of life. This is a book you will want to keep readily at hand. Progress towards freedom requires reminders and repetition as you build a new muscle set. Help and guidance come in the form of personal worksheets and homework, as well as clarifying conclusions at the end of each chapter. Dr. Symington is encouraging, supportive, nonjudgmental, and strongly optimistic about your success. My favorite chapter was the Loving Action Anchor (on the front screen). We can take a fear or a depressive mood or a bad habit and not only resolve the issue over time, but we can become better people and be a blessing to others.
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I can't say enough good things about Dr. Symington's new book on how to have "Freedom from Anxious Thoughts and Feelings". As someone who has an entire shelf on different books to help me with Anxiety, I found this book and the two Screen Method to be amazingly clear and effective. From my first readiing, I was able to apply the method in my own thought processes and it was both revealing and educational . It has allowed me to have a totally new perspective on how I get drawn down into the rabbit hole of anxiety. Indeed it has given me "Freedom" and I feel fortunate to have its help along my journey of life.