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Freeing the Angry Mind

Freeing the Angry Mind
How Men Can Use Mindfulness and Reason to Save Their Lives and Relationships




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ISBN: 9781572244382

About the Book

More Than Anger Management-A Way to a Better Life

If anger is harming your health and hurting the people you love and care about the most, you need to make the decision to get your anger under control. You've stopped the seething and shouting, but that's just like putting a lid on a boiling pot. What you need to do is replace your anger with calm and happiness. How can you build on your angry experiences to help you become a better person?

This unique book offers a way. An integration of Buddhist thinking, mindfulness practice, and cognitive-behavioral psychology, it sets out a straightforward program of exercises and advice that can help you move through anger to a richer, more meaningful way of living your life. And it does this with humor, candor, and wit. With this book, a little introspection, and a lot of practice, you'll be able to exchange your anger for compassion, your hot temper for mindfulness, and your self-loathing for self-awareness.

    Learn simple and effective ways to:
  • Take charge of your behavior and your life
  • Develop richer, more meaningful relationships
  • Express the love and compassion already in your heart
  • Put aside misconceptions and accept yourself
  • Forgive grievances and express gratitude


C. Peter Bankart, PhD, has been actively engaged in his profession as a psychologist since 1971. He received his PhD from Dartmouth College in experimental personality research with a specialty in behavior therapy, and took a job at Wabash College... Read more

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David B. Wexler, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in San Diego specializing in the treatment of relationships in conflict and the executive director of the Relationship Training Institute. He has trained professionals internationally on his... Read more

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“This book is a treasure! Bankart has written a lovely and loving, practical guide for every man who has struggled with the experience and effects of anger. Compassionate and insightful, he offers constructive suggestions for transforming the energy of anger into a new way of engaging life. I recommend it most highly. Read it—and give it to a man you love.”
—Michael J. Mahoney, professor in the Graduate Department of Holistic Counseling at Salve Regina University and author of Human Change Processes

This book is destined to revolutionize anger management theory and practices because of its unique and imaginative blending of Eastern and Western approaches to mastering anger among men. It is a clearly written guidebook filled with practical insights and exercises to control anger problems by integrating Eastern perspectives on consciousness and mindfulness and Western cognitive behavior techniques. Both professionals and those with anger control problems will find this book a welcome change to conventional approaches because of its easy to follow step-by-step methods. This compelling volume could only have been written by an experienced professional and scholar who understands and respects each view. A winner!”
—Anthony J. Marsella, Ph.D., DHC, professor emeritus in the Department of Psychology at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, HI, and author of numerous books and articles in thee area of cultural and international psychology and psychopathology

“Bankart is an alchemist, combining approaches from three disparate areas—Buddhist philosophy, mindfulness, and cognitive therapy—into a comprehensive approach to dealing with destructive anger. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and the author displays his ability to engage the issue in a compassionate way. He doesn’t just teach men how to “manage” their anger; he helps them to heal it.”
—Christopher Kilmartin, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of Mary Washington, the Fulbright-University of Klagenfurt Distinguished Chair in Gender Studies (Austria), and author of The Masculine Self

“I did not realize that a serious self-help book on tough male issues of perfectionism, anger, forgiveness and self-acceptance could be so much fun! In the process of reading Freeing the Angry Mind–the exercises, the Buddhist and other stories, and the connecting narrative—I often laughed out loud, which itself was healing. Peter Bankart’s book is both witty and wise, both immediately practical and deeply spiritual, and both potentially life-changing and a damn good read!
—Peter Frederick, Ph.D., professor emeritus of American history at Wabash College and Distinguished Visiting Professor and chair of American Cultural Studies and facilitator of the Center for Intercultural Learning and Teaching at Heritage University

“Since it's virtually the only emotion we're allowed to express, men learn to use anger to express everything—sadness, confusion, despair, frustration. By explaining how men can expand their emotional repertoire, Bankart offers hope for a masculinity that can embrace the full range of emotions—including anger, incidentally. What a valuable resource that is! Finally, we don't just have to get mad. We can get even—even-handed that is.”
—Michael Kimmel, Ph.D., professor of sociology, at the State University of New York, Stony Brook, and author of Manhood in America

“This work is more than an appropriation of mindfulness or a combination of meditation and cognitive-behavior therapy. It provides an original palette of procedures from various other sources, which, if practiced diligently, have the capacity to strengthen the real weaker sex: angry men. An unmistakable well of inspiration running as a red thread throughout the book forms the Buddha's teachings that emphasize the cultivation of acceptance, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and humor. Men tormented by self-angering, a largely neglected target group, as well as professionals of both sexes will profit from the rich clinical experience of a seasoned author when healing the typically macho emotion. On top, readers will gain the invaluable practical insight to foster human interconnectedness that we so much lack in this world. I hope this book will be widely read and thus contribute to have more loving kindness go round on our globe.”
—Maurits G.T Kwee, Ph.D, clinical psychologist, honorary professor at the University of Flores in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and visiting scholar at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan

“Bankart has captured the essence of mindfulness and applied it successfully to one of the most overwhelming and debilitating of human emotions—anger. He is not afraid to acknowledge the contributions of Buddhist psychology to his thinking, but he does so while skillfully weaving the wisdom from Buddhism into a cloth equally fashioned by contemporary Western psychology. Although this book is directed toward the individual who wishes to free himself or herself from the pain and consequences of anger, it also provides a highly accessible yet sophisticated introduction to general principles of Buddhism as a vibrant path to a well-lived life. It is clearly written, easily read—and more importantly, very approachable to both someone struggling with these issues and to therapists working in this area.”
—Jean L. Kristeller, Ph.D. professor of psychology at Indiana State University and director of the Center for the Study of Health, Religion, and Spirituality

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this book is offering practical tools for managing negative emotions. It is a must read for all specially those who become angry on matters and later feel guilty.
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Love this book
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Great book
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Love this book
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Love this book