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Behavior Theory, Research, and Application




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About the Book

The rise in legalized gambling in the United States over the last fifteen years has led to much debate among scientists and practitioners about how to conceptualize and study the phenomenon, treat persons who experience difficulties controlling their level of play, and prevent individuals from becoming problem or 'pathological' gamblers. The current volume brings together a group of basic and applied behavior scientists to discuss these matters.

Gambling is designed to allow readers familiar with the general concepts and principles of behavior analysis to understand how the field is addressing the area of gambling. Graduate students taking classes in behavioral applications, or those enrolled in seminars specific to gambling, will find this collection of papers a vital resource. The book will also be useful to clinicians interested in understanding the basic and conceptual foundations that underlie successful prevention and treatment approaches.


Mark Dixon (Editor)
Mark R. Dixon, PhD, is associate professor in the Behavior Anaylsis and Therapy Program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

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Patrick Ghezzi (Editor)
Patrick M. Ghezzi, PhD, is associate professor of psychology (behavior analysis) and director of the Behavior Analysis Program and Early Childhood Autism Program at the University of Nevada, Reno.

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Charles Lyons (Editor)
Charles Lyons, PhD, is professor of psychology at Eastern Oregon University in Le Grande, OR.

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Ginger Wilson (Editor)
Ginger Wilson, PhD, is clinical director of the Nyansa Learning Corporation in Tustin, CA.

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