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Getting Over Overeating for Teens

Getting Over Overeating for Teens
A Workbook to Transform Your Relationship with Food Using CBT, Mindfulness, and Intuitive Eating





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ISBN: 9781626254985
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About the Book

Transform your relationship with food, once and for all. Written by a family therapist and eating disorder specialist, this skills-based workbook will give you the tools you need to manage your emotions and find the comfort and sweetness you truly seek in life—without overeating!

If you struggle with overeating, you are not alone. Studies show that millions of teens face problems with emotional eating, weight gain, and negative body image. However, these facts and figures do not include sneak eaters, overeaters who do not binge, and teens who overeat but manage their weight through excessive exercise. So, if you’re struggling with the habit of overeating, where can you turn?

Getting Over Overeating for Teens, written by an eating disorders specialist who struggled with her own issues as a teen, provides a wealth of tools to help you change your relationship with food. Using an integrated approach that includes mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and intuitive eating, this book will focus on the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual factors that are essential to overcoming overeating.

With the practical advice and powerful exercises in this book, you’ll come to a better understanding of your urge to overeat, and learn skills such as emotion regulation, assertive communication, moderate eating, and working with cravings. Most importantly, you’ll find better ways to fill up and be ready to apply what you’ve learned to living a healthier, happier life.


Andrea Wachter (Author)
Andrea Wachter, LMFT, is coauthor of The Don’t Diet, Live-It! Workbook and Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Breaking the “I Feel Fat” Spell. She has over twenty-five years of experience working with children, teens, adults, families, and groups. Wachter... Read more

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“Wachter offers sound information from a variety of approaches, and addresses the core issues of feelings, food, body image, and much more. Written in language that is easy to understand and insightful for girls and boys, this workbook is terrifically practical. It is the best resource I’ve ever seen on this subject for teens.”
Leigh Cohn, MAT, CEDS, editor-in-chief of Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention, and coauthor of a dozen books related to eating disorders

“Using clear language and concepts that teens will easily relate to, Getting Over Overeating for Teens is a wonderful, readable, and practical manual for helping teens heal their relationship with food. I only wish I had been given this book when I was a teenager struggling with overeating and yo-yo dieting!”
Michelle May, MD, author of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat for Students

“You can rediscover a mindful and joyful relationship with food, your body, and your feelings. Give yourself the gift of self-compassion, and learn to listen to your body’s inner wisdom again. This book will show you how.”
Dzung Vo, MD, specialist in adolescent medicine, and author of The Mindful Teen

“In a language appealing to teens, Andrea Wachter has created a book that can help readers navigate their way through the challenges of adolescence, without turning to food. Teens will relate to the catchy titles of chapters and thought-provoking exercises, which can motivate them to deeply explore their emotions and strengthen their coping mechanisms. This workbook is a must-have for professionals treating teens and for the teens themselves.”
Elyse Resch, MS, RDN, CEDRD, coauthor of Intuitive Eating and The Intuitive Eating Workbook

“Overeating among adolescents can not only have devastating health impacts, but serious effects on quality of life. Written in a very friendly manner, Andrea helps readers become fully aware of feelings and their relationship to food and eating. The entire book provides very helpful tips for teens to develop a healthy relationship with food, fitness, and feelings. This is a book that is worth reading and I loved it!”
Eva Maria Trujillo Chi Vacuán, MD, FAED, president of the Academy for Eating Disorders, medical director and founder of Comenzar de Nuevo, AC, and clinical professor at Tecnológico de Monterrey School of Medicine

“A must-read and do for every parent and all teens whether or not they struggle with emotional eating and/or overeating! Andrea Wachter provides tools to navigate the teen years healthfully by learning to separate food and feelings. Bravo to Wachter for simplifying the steps to a healthy self, using analogies and metaphors alike.”
Laura Cipullo, RD, CEDRD, past president at IAEDP, NY, and author of The Women’s Health Body Clock Diet and Healthy Habits

Getting Over Overeating for Teens is an engaging, action-oriented, experiential book that will appeal to adolescents who are struggling with any form of food, weight, or body image issues. The book is designed to help readers understand how food helps them cope, and gives specific tools to facilitate new coping mechanisms. Wachter explores the underlying conflicts and emotions that lead to overeating in a compassionate and supportive manner, eliminating the shame that often goes with this issue. Her use of catchy phrases will appeal to teens, and her particularly creative way of identifying and challenging internal narratives will be very relatable. I highly recommend this book to teens, parents, and clinicians.”
Nina Savelle-Rocklin, PsyD, psychoanalyst, author, and speaker specializing in weight, body image, and disordered eating

“There’s a lack of support and available resources for teens who overeat. Andrea does a superb job providing teens with a resource that is practical, user-friendly, and chock-full of helpful and necessary skills to overcome overeating. She cleverly uses teen lingo to engross her readers, and I especially like, the ‘common mind movies,’ ‘rainbow thinking,’ and having an ‘internal soundtrack.’ Kudos to Andrea for writing this innovative, life-changing book for teen overeaters!”
Michelle P. Maidenberg, PhD, MPH, LCSW-R, psychotherapist, adjunct professor at New York University, and author of Free Your Child from Overeating

“Using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness as guides, this book brings together all of the proven ingredients for positive change.”
Peter Muennig, MD, MPH, professor at Columbia University, Department of Health Policy and Management

“This wonderful, interactive, and comprehensive workbook gets to the core of what drives unhealthy eating patterns, and offers real solutions to overcome what’s really eating you! I highly recommend this workbook to teens, and I encourage parents to buy their own copy and work through the thoughtful, insightful exercises—making healthy attitudes and habits a family affair!”
Kim Dever-Johnson, MA, LMHC, owner of Creative Balance Counseling Center, and coauthor of You Grow Girl!: A Self-empowering Workbook for Tweens and Teens

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